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  1. Not since you and the mother have reconciled and also more so since you two are now married and it's been a year. Say five years down the road ya'll decide to split again that will be a whole new court case.
  2. Yes he is my biological son. Hard to explain things and make them easy to understand when typing and trying to be short. lol. Yes i know who the biological father is and i have given him plenty of opportunity the whole 16 years. He unfortunately chooses not to be involved. I agree with you he is the father. He is the one who stepped up and took care of him. I am not trying to take him away from him but he is trying to keep him and our other 2 away from me. Hates me so much he is willing to hurt the children because of it. Thanks for replying to me.
  3. No no i wasn't bad mouthing my son i was talking about his father. My soon to be ex husband. Yes we had a daughter who is 19 now and bi sexual. HIs daughter and he has disowned her. I had an affair and had Jordan( the child i was asking the question about) and than we had our third child another boy and the youngest. Yes he called for a temporary emergency hearing i went pro se he had and attorney. We had a paternity test when Jordan was born and i told him what i did . So we knew when he was first born.
  4. His bio- father is alive and lives about an hour and half away. I have given him several chances to get involved but he has chosen not to. Regardless of what my husband and I are going through he has been there and taken care of our son and i am not trying to hurt Jordan(son) anymore than he has been. I was told by someone in a similiar situation that he was told he didn't have any rights. I am just wanting to find out as much as i can while going through this. Never know what my husband will try to do next. Thanks for answering.
  5. Soon to be ex husband has custody of child who is 16 now. Child is not biologically his. We had the DNA test done at birth so that has been proven. My soon to be ex also signed the birth certificate and has also raised him all these years. In court his attorney happened to leave that information out during the court proceedings. Does he have legal rights to have custody? I am paying child support. My son wants to stay there that is the only father he knows so i am not trying to change that. He is very deceitful and is causing so much trouble. A lot of parental alienation going on so i try to be a step ahead and have been studying and researching so i know how certain situations , if they come up, should be handled. Thanks. South Carolina
  6. I can relate so well with the kind of man u were married to. I am now getting started with a divorce in which he is devious and i say just plain evil and there again like yours he always seems to convince people he is the victim. Although i call him names behind his back ( childish i know) but its hard after been hurt so bad. He is trying to get full custody of my kids and he sure doesn't deserve them either. A lot goes along with that. A very long story for 20 yrs. I do agree about the name calling as far as any time u are talking to attorneys,judges, ect. its best not to do that and especially your children. All u can do is follow orders for it to work and lots of prayer. Keep your head high and believe in your self.
  7. Hubby just filed for emergency divorce and full custody of our children. He was mentally abusive and i wouldn't tell him where i was staying because he would harass me. I found out he filed by repeatedly keeping in touch with the clerk of court. He wants me to miss the hearing so he told them i left and he couldn't contact me. He does have my number. I have called attorneys but i just can't afford any. What can i do to make sure i don't miss that court date if i am not notified?
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