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  1. In our contract it states that the seller must clear the property BUT we are way past our closing date so I am worried that they can argue about how long we took to close so they can back out and still keep the money. I am waiting to hear back from our attorney but he wants to try to fix it, I just want to be done with this and find something else. I feel if we go through with it were moving in on bad terms, we don't know anyone in this area so I would like to start out good at least. I don't want to have to worry about someone leaving the gate open to our pastures or anything like that. we are putting a lot of money into this I don't feel its worth to move and worry about things. I shouldn't have to set up cameras etc. Its not just the land owners being jerks the owner of the horses doesn't want to move them, he also has a bad history with animal control so im not sure what kind of person he is.
  2. They don't have a contract, the guy has had his animals there for 7 years. I don't believe it is in the contract. I always just assumed which I probably shouldn't have. We have been making comments about moving the animals since the first of oct and the agent always said he had told the land owners but nothing was ever done. I have the contact info for the animal owners but I don't feel its my place to make them move. if we decide to close on the land would the animals become ours since they don't have a contract written up?
  3. We are under contact to buy some land to build a house in NC. Our original closing date was oct. 8th but the VA had some issues getting the appraisal back in time so now its 11/9/15 and our closing date is Friday 11/13/15. When my agent contacted the sellers agent because the land still has 2 horses and 2 alpacas from a person who is leasing the land still on there. His response was "you should be happy the sellers waited this long for them to close" this whole time we have been stressing to him the animals needed to be moved so the builder can start right away. I am ready to walk away because I don't want to fight with the horse owner plus we are new to the area and these people have been there for years so we would be moving there under bad terms. Is there any way we can back out without loosing our $1k earnest money since they don't want to have the land cleared before closing?
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