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  1. I was married and divorce in another country. My ex husband went to live in Australia and I came to the USA 6 year ago with my tree kids(that now are 15, 13 and 10 years old ), y got married and we are citizens here. Since I came to USA my ex- husband didn't pay the amount we agreed for child support for all these 6 years, because he said that we were living in the country we agreed to do it, so he didn't pay the right amount. I could not enforce it because I didn't know where he was working. Few months ago, I find that out that he is living in Canada and where is he working, so we are trying to agree in the child support . I went to the court here in massachusetts and they told me that I have to fill up a financial statement. 1. Do i have to put in The financial statement just my income o I have to put my income and my husband ? What do I have to put if I don't work.? 2. If the juez give an X amount of child support and it is higher that the one my ex- husband was giving it to me. could I ask for the back child support in all these six years that We have living here he didn't pay the right amount? 3. My oldest son has down sindrome. Do I would receive child support for him for el rest of his live? Thanks
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