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  1. Has any private citizen ever been granted an order of protection, from any of the four I mentioned? If so, how can I find those cases?
  2. I can't provide all the details because there are too many. I know this is an unusual complaint. Can anyone answer to a hypothetical question? Say you reported a employee/public health threat. At the time you had little understanding of the law. You report to the local officials. As time goes on you become more familiar with the threat. You also continue to report to other officials. All along the way public servants begin showing up and acting improper. To make it short, you can tie four powerful people who could have intervened to what was happening, but didn't. Public servants continue to show up acting improper. The threat to employees/public health continues. You are now a lawyer and you want to protect your family from all the public servants. What would you do?
  3. My case covers approximately 10 years. To keep it short, I reported an unsafe work condition, that threatened employee and public health. I was terminated. My family has been terrorized, my children were removed, and then neglected, abused and trafficked. For the sake of the argument, assume that the injuries over these years have been well documented and reported. I attempted to get an order of protection against the Governor, State Attorney, US Attorney and the President. The judge denied complaint because it lacked a statement of jurisdiction. Can anybody help me with directions to a statement of jurisdiction? Thank you.
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