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  1. The seller agent is saying that he will take this issue to the court if we don't show up on the closing date.
  2. This issue is in the state of Indiana. @pg1067 my mom signed the purchase agreement. Also by help i meant to suggest something nothing more than that.
  3. i'm not in a legal issue yet but might or might not be in one, but i wanted to be prepared for the worst. The legal issue is going to be about my mom, so she wanted to buy a property and we found her one and we started with the offers and and after one counter offer we accepted the property at decent price and also to buy the property as-is and with an Earnest Money check of thousand dollars, now the problem is we got it inspected and there are some issue which are not major issues but something my mom doesn't feel right about, such as the AC unit is very old and there is a tree which has its roots which are pretty close to the foundation of the home and some more issues, the inspection report stated these issue as something to watch out for and my mom doesnt want to buy the property anymore so the seller says he will pursue legal recourse if we back off from the deal. What would you suggest in this issue ? can you just help me out somehow ? Fast response would be appreciated. Also the seller did not give us the Sales Disclosure(which has all the disclosures in it) before we accepted the offer, once we accepted the offer we got the sales disclosure which which stated the dishwasher was not it working condition, the seller is not agreeing to repair anything at all.
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