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  1. ok, thank you. I have an estimate and photos. The mud had gravel in it that did some damage, but I have spoken to a few shops and they are saying a full body paint job is not going to cost that much. Im terrified of her pressing charges against myself, or worse, my 8 year old. That is why I am trying to keep this away from court, but she is pushing me into a corner.
  2. My daughter, age 8, vandalized a neighbor's car while playing outside. She painted mud hearts on her trunk, and in the process scratched the car. The scratches are not horrible, but they are visible when standing close to the trunk. She was disciplined and we went over to the neighbors to apologize. I agreed to pay for any damages. A few days later the neighbor contacts me and informs me that she went to her car's dealership and they told her it would be 1900.00 to repaint the trunk of her car. She also informed she needed it done in 30 days, she would not be going anywhere else, and she would not file a claim. I am attempting to do the right thing, however I am wondering is this the right process?
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