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  1. Please check topics, I have urgent emergencies whenever I would use this site.

  2. Let me describe myself a little bit, I'm a 15 year old girl, who lives in the lower area state of Minnesota. I'm Caucasian, I attend school, I'm doing very well in school also. (Mind you, my mom has physically abused me before and gotten CPS called, also emotionally abuses me, tells me I'm worthless, a pile of ****, I'm not her daughter, she should've aborted me, she should've given me away, & much worse things. The whole story started out as.... My mother got home 30-35 minutes with my siblings after I had been home from school, she was going to get groceries & told me I had to watch the 2 year old sibling of mine while she would be gone, I then asked to play her computer tablet, which she said yes, if you do your chores, I then said I do not want to do the dishes, and after five times of saying no, I then said I would them and all of my chores, after I said I would, she got in my face and yelled at me, to where a called her a whore. (Don't jump to conclusions yet please, keep reading.) I then ran downstairs, locked my self in a room to where she came and was jiggling the door knob saying open, I said no, you're going to kill me, while I was in tears, she then said, I'm going to strangle you. I called the town cop asking for help, saying I don't feel safe, I told him my mother is threatening to strangle me. He then said, I'll be over in a bit, I have work to take care of right now. He then arrived at my house 45 minutes to an hour after I called. (It's 4 blocks from my house from the station.) During that in between time, my mother kept saying repeatedly, "Pack your ****, and get out of my house." She also said, I'm worthless, I do nothing, that I'm not a part of the family, and calling me names such as a menace, I'm retarded, a moron, and ugly, & many other names I cannot recall. (Then the officer arrived.) He heard the whole story, then told me I need to listen to my mother, where I said, so I should've opened the door to strangle me? And he looked at me like I was an idiot & said yes. He never once said anything to her about the names she had called me, but kept bringing up I called her a whore, I then said I wanted to leave my house out of pure anger, but not once did I yell, I was very calm and honest as I could've been, I was having a mental break down and hyper ventilating and trying to calm down talking to the officer, my mom was twisting words, which the officer told me I was disrespectful when I respectfully told my mom she was getting words and parts of the story mixed, to where I was explaining I'm a human and make mistakes. He then brought up how last week, I was out with my friends, and we were out past curfew. (I didn't know the town rules, but long story short, I had to get a 45 minute ride home at 2 in the morning.) and explained to me if I was his kid, he'd be grounded for 6 months. After I said I wanted to be sent, he said I would get probation & next call he gets, that I'm going to be in the back of his car. Thank you for taking the time for reading this, and I need help. Please contact me in any way possible. I also have FaceBook but no number if you'd like to speak there. Please get back to me.
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