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  1. But, there are statutes for some of the "isms" that were detailed in the surveys . . .
  2. I work for a state institution. With the approval of our boss, a group of us formed an anti-bullying committee a year ago because many of the employees spoke up about bullying. We sent out a survey to all employees in our department, including our boss. We let people know that we would put together a list of topic areas based on their responses. Also, we told them that all data would remain anonymous and de-identified and we would destroy the surveys after they were read. After we gave the boss the list of areas derived from the survey responses, he told us that we could never speak about these again. If we did, he would report us for destroying state property (i.e. the surveys). So, in other words, he has blacked mailed us into keeping quiet. The topic areas included employees making faces when certain people speak, talking over people, not acknowledging people, etc. Also included was sexism. The fact is that we destroyed the surveys but he will only report us if we speak up about the content of the surveys.My question is, can our boss report us for destroying the surveys (which he knew we were going to destroy)? Can we get in legal trouble?
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