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  1. Adjuster Jack: Brother is in CA also; sister in OR. Step-Mom's kids are both in AZ. Brother has stated on numerous occasions that Stepmom's two children "will get nothing". I had hoped that getting an AZ probate attorney involved would make sure that Stepmom's two children will get Stepmom's share after Stepmom died as "RetiredinVA" mentioned above. I believe AZ house is community property, artwork that was taken from house I believe was Stepmom's separate property; and not sure about cabin. Will the AZ Probate Court make sure that Stepmom's children are notified of what is going on or is there anyway to make sure Stepmom's children are included without having to get a AZ probate attorney involved?
  2. Retired in VA: I was not aware that when my stepmom died, one-half would go to her kids and one-half would go to my Dad. Thanks for this info. Adjustor Jack: No, my Dad did not adopt my stepmom's kids. My brother just stated that he wants my sister and I to sign "Waivers of Bond" so he can be the executor of the estate. What would we be waiving if we signed this document? I do not feel comfortable with this as I feel we do need to find a probate attorney in Arizona. Your thoughts?
  3. In Arizona, no will was prepared by Stepmom and Dad. - Stepmom (2 children - both over the age of 18) died in April. - My Dad (3 children - all over the age of 18) then died in August. - Sadly, not all surviving parties get along. - Since Stepmom died first, all assets (home, cabin, artwork, personal objects, etc.) went to my Dad, but since he died a few months later (& a will was NOT signed by my Dad), are all remaining assets split between all 5 children or just my Dad's children? Thanks for your help.
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