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  1. Any suggestions would be appreciated:  I am not sure what to do. I cannot afford a attorney at this time being a single mother. It is just not in my budget. My problem is that I cannot get a response back from the attorney of the Independent Administrator. I have sent 3 letters, 2 faxed and 1 certified and still no response. These letters were all to the attorney of the Independent Administrator. The first fax was sent on 8/26/2016. The certified letter was received on 11/16/2016. The Independent Administrator also has not responded. to my inquiry to her directly. Any suggestions on what I can do? Basically all I am trying to find out is the status of the probate case. My minor child is an heir to 1/3 of the decedent's estate. I have been able to view some documents on line, but the last item was back in 8/2016. This item was an affidavit in lieu of inventory. It stated that all beneficiaries had received a full inventory, but my daughter or myself-on her behalf, have received nothing. I do know that the decedent's home has been sold back in 8/2016, as well as his truck. I don't know what's happened to his other car or other possessions from the home.   The other heirs are adults, and at their own choosing, they have no relationship with my daughter. What can I do?
  2. I have a question about disclosure of information. My daughter is a distributee in the estate of her father. My daughter is a minor child. Back in 2015 when the estate proceedings began, I signed a consent to application for independent administration and waiver of notice. Since that time, I have heard nothing from the independent administrator directly. I have been able to determine on-line via public records in the county that 1. There has been a judgment declaring heirship. (My daughter listed as a distributee) 2. Independent Administrator has been has been granted. 3. Order granting letters of administration has been granted to the Independent administrator. The last thing that I see on-line is an Affidavit in lieu of inventory, appraisement, and list of claims. It says that "All beneficiaries have received a verified, full and detailed inventory of the estate."  I have received nothing on my daughters behalf from the Independent Administrator or her attorney or anyone else. The inventory is not listed on line under the public records for the estate. My question is this. Does the waiver of notice that I signed in the beginning, permit the administrator to not send this information to the beneficiary/distributee? Can I request that this information be sent to me even if I signed the waiver? If I can, do I request this from the Independent Administrator directly or their attorney?   Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.  
  3. Deceased is a never married gentleman in Texas who died intestate . Application for Independent Administration and Determination of Heirs has been filed and approved in the county court. Notice to creditors has been published. The Determination of heirs sites 3 children to receive 1/3. Of course this would be after last tax returns and creditors has been paid. The Independent Administrator is one of the children. The Administrator has begun the process of documenting and determining an inventory. Certified Letters have been sent to several siblings of the deceased asking that items removed from the deceased home be returned. My question is this. Once the inventory is compiled, is the Independent Administrator required to share findings with the other distributee's? My daughter is one of the distributee's, but she is a minor child. The other children are adults. Being that the other children (one being the Administrator) where adults and lived independently from the home, and even out of state, I am not sure that they would know if the inventory, at least of the things from the home have been accounted for. Where my daughter having spent practically every other weekend and summers and school breaks in the home for the last 10 years would have a better grasp as to the contents. Especially if the Administrator believes that some items have been removed. Or, is this a normal thing for the Administrator to send certified letters to family members asking them to return any items they may have? My daughter has not been back to her Dad's home since his death, even though she has requested to go get items from her room, his siblings who had the key have not allowed her back to get her things. My understanding since the Administrator has been approved, the locks on the home have been changed. Another question would be about the contents of my daughters room at the home. Example her laptop was left in her room. Would that be part of the inventory and would she be able to get that back? There has been very little communication received from the Administrator, so I just don't know if the inventory would be shared at all. Thank you in advance.
  4. For background, my daughter's father passed away several months ago. State of Texas. He was never married and had 3 children. Two of the children are adults and my daughter is a minor. One of the adult children has already begun the probate process and is being appointed administrator. The decedent passed without leaving a will. He owned a home, several cars, and I know that he had bank accounts and investments and even some life insurance. The probate seems to be going very slowly. I don't even see that the Administratior of the estate has even been approved yet. From a very reliable, inside source, I know that one of his sister's was on his bank account, and I know that large sums of funds have been deducted from this account and given to 3 of the sisters. My understanding that each sister was given 10,000.00 each. Shouldn't this account be part of the estate? I am trying to stay clear of this whole situation , and have had no contact with the other siblings or the family, but I just feel that something wrong is going on here. It's my understanding that the Mother has also received his retirement account. I am guessing that he left her as beneficiary,. Just seems to me that a lot of things are going on, out side of these probate proceedings. My understanding is, that while in the probate process you have to get an inventory of the deceased things. Would that inventory be based on date of death? If the accounts have been liquidated or diminished, would the administrator have the right to request that funds be returned? I just see that things may be about to get real ugly.
  5. My daughters father recently passed away, State of Texas. He was never married and has a total of 3 children. My daughter is a minor the other children are adult. He did not leave a will. One of the adult children has already begun the probate process and the determination of heirs. I received a document from the attorney ad litem, which was a consent for independent administration which needed to be notarized and returned. My daughter's father did own a home and a couple cars. I am not sure what other items he may have had such as bank accounts or life insurance/investments, but I understand that these things exist. What do I need to do to protect my daughters interest. Does the attorney ad litem help me or do they just assist their client (one requesting to be independent administer)? Do I need to establish guardianship, and will this be done by the ad litem or the court? Since she is the only minor in this situation it concerns me that her interest are not being protected. The older siblings do not really have a relationship with my daughter, although they do know her and have known her since birth. Because of the differences in ages, they just never made that connection with her. Any advice on what I need to do?
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