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  1. My attorney told me that my father couldn't do anything until he hired his own attorney.
  2. No, he did not. No one told him that, that's what he had to do. SW told him that she would get icpc paperwork started and that's it.
  3. Signed rights over about 6 weeks ago. My daddy went to visit my daughter regularly, almost as much as myself, and has told every social worker that has been assigned to my case that if she was not placed with her brother that he wanted her. They started icpc weeks ago and not heard anything from anyone. The foster family did not adopt
  4. No he does not expect pro bono legal services. Thats not an issue. And thank you Mr.Nelson. I'll contact your office in the morning.
  5. I just want my daughter to be with family. She went to court one morning thinking she was going to get to spend time with her dads and never came home. We had went to kindergarten camp, she was cheerleading,etc..she needs to be with family and my daddy is a good man and loves her like his own..and as far as the way in which he's gone about hiring an attorney, I've called most of them and dont understand why he cant get her. He has told dss from day 1 he wanted her. Why would it be difficult for him to get her..i dont understand.
  6. Her brothers live in NC one with me, one with my x husband.. The reason I stopped letting my daughter visit was because we had a 3 day on, 2 day off court order..(him3 days, me 2 and switched the next week)and I had to call the police on 7 different occasions to get her back from him and the last night they came out he had been drinking and driving and they said if I brought her back down there they were not going to help me anymore. Not long after that, he was charged with some serious offences, from meth to having a fugitive wanted by the FBI hiding down in his barn. I went to the director of dss in my county and she wrote and signed a letter stating that it was unsafe to allow my daughter to go down to her fathers. After a year had passed, 2 weeks before she started kindergarten, he took me to court. The judge would not accept the letter and ordered me to take hair drug test because marijuana was brought up,but the judge stated I couldn't use the hair on my head for testing because I may have done something to it. Anyway, on day 2 of the hearing,when I was ordered to bring my daughter, the judge locked me up for failure to comply with the court order and the only person who could take her was my daughters grandmother with whom her father lives with but she had had a dui a few years ago so they took my daughter to a shelter then foster care. My dad or anyone out of state was allowed to take her. My x husband and his wife went through the icpc process and were approved but when the 8th social worker told them it would be permanent, they didn't know what to do..thats where the youngest brother resides as well. My dad would gladly take her and they've known tho from the start.
  7. As long as my daughter is safe and with family I will be satisfied and am willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. She has a 16 and soon to be 17 year old brothers. Not to mention at very least 60 family members in NC.
  8. I dont live with my father and my daughters father can not, under any circumstances, get her back. He was eliminated from the beginning.
  9. We are from NC, but SC is where my daughter, age 7 is because her father is a resident there...case in SC as well. My daughter was placed in foster care after her father took me to court for denying him visitation. I was locked up for failure to comply with a court order. Her father was not "fit" to take her and no relatives in sc, so she was placed in foster care. No one in NC could take her. Due to my drug addiction, and even after completing"treatment plan" DSS terminated my parental rights.
  10. My dad is trying to adopt my daughter. He resides in NC, my daughter is in SC and he can not find an attorney to take his case. Why is this and who can help him?
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