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  1. Luckily this is where the spirit of the law and the letter of the law differ. WE WON. The tickets were ALL dismissed. The airport cops were being punitive and trying to punish Lyft and Uber drivers - teach them a lesson by throwing multiple infractions at them. Since the issuing of the tickets Lyft and Uber now have "an understanding" with the airport cops. ALWAYS FIGHT YOUR TICKETS! YOU CAN FIGHT CITY HALL!
  2. If there had been a single ticket for $152 for non-designated loading instead of three (no decal display and no permit as well) then I would say it was a lesson worth learning. But throwing the book at a 21 year old trying to do his best to support himself in this economy seems extreme and worth a fight. I believe in AZ the ticket is still thrown out if the officer does not appear, so we are taking the chance.
  3. I received three different summons - three related offenses - in the mail for my son pulling over into a portion of the Phoenix airport reserved for shuttles. He did not receive parking tickets at the time. He had just started driving for Lyft when this happened. I am going to court tomorrow - with him. The vehicle is registered in both of our names - because I cosigned the loan - but my name is first on the registration. I understand that if it was registered solely in my name and someone else drove it I am responsible for the parking ticket. But this is his car, he makes the payments, he is on the registration, and I made sure it was specifically so he could be responsible. Do you have any recommendations for a defense? How, if at all, does the two names on the registration help us? Thanks for your thoughts on this.
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