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  1. My employee was on his lunch break getting sandwiches for our shop, in his own car, he was sitting still in his vehicle waiting to turn left into a shopping center when he was rear ended by an un-insured, un-licensed, under the influence driver, she was arrested at the scene. Fortunaley my employee only sustained minor physical damage and did not miss any time off work. The entire claim cost my WC carrier $347.00. WC took my coverage cost from $6213.00 per year to $14,518.00 because of this claim, can they do this??? They are also stating that this rate will remain in place until my policy renews in 7-2016. How can they increase my policy to these kinds of limits, I have never, ever had a WC claim until this incident. Also in California if I only have two emplyees can I self insure? Thank you
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