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  1. I was driving far right lane on R. I. Ave NE DC. I saw the Van coming out of parking lot about 10-15 Yards in front of me. I came to stop complete stop about about 3 Yards from parking lot exit. The other car (Van) that came from parking lot turn right on the road and stop about a Yard from exit and about 4-5 Yards from My car. Their was no traffic light on the road to stop. He also didn't put and emergency light on his van. I wait about a minute for his next move when He didn't move, I put my left blinker and proceed to go around his left side. All of sudden he back up and struck the right side of my car from front bumper to my back wheel. Done Extensive damage to my car.On his van there was few scratches on right side of back bumper the one that damaged my car. There was no witness. I called the police, Police didn't right any report since no body was hurt ( DC police policy) and they give any ticket to either party. I called my Ins. and report the accident. They called me back to inform me that his Ins. co. denied the claim because he told them It was my fault. I called his ins. co.and told them he is lying and ask them to come out and review the damage and determine based on Picture's i took and damage to our cars. They never came and still denied my claim. Here to point out that I have only liability and comper. Ins not a full coverage. How I go about to get my car fix. Thanks!
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