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  1. my x and I were married for 17 years, we have two children. We divorced due to abuse, adultery, and abandonment. our older son is 19 younger one is 10, which I have full custody. I was a stay at home mom for entire marriage, he owns his masters. feb. 2015 he was "terminated" from his job. The court "temporarily suspended alimony and reduced c.s. 780.00. He was required to submit his "job searching" to court every 30 days. One month after suspended in court, he gained employment, however the court did not reinstate the support. The court did not take into consideration he received $50,000 severance after losing his job either. My son and I have struggled, as I had a foot operation and been under medical care since June. We finally went to court on July 21, the judge did not sign off on final order until Sept. 1 2015, 4 months with no support!!! The order read "after the filling of this order x should pay x wife on 1st of each month alimony and on 15th c.s. (both reduced) Even though each attorney received papers no later than 9/4/15. X has failed to pay anything!!!!! He refuses to pay his 70% uninsured medical, for our son, which we have been in court for before!, he refuses to pay alimony and c.s. now it has been 6 months with no income, I have borrowed, and sold everything I own and from everyone, I am in a cast and facing yet another operation on my ankle, same foot thing, His attorney just filed a Motion to reduce c.s. and alimony stating the judge took into consideration x current wifes daughters income??????? which is CRAZY No mention of "current wife, nor any previous kids" were ever mentioned. Then stated I said on the stand, "that I hid monies" This is a lie as well. I never said that, I do not have money. We acquired his bank statements and even after he was terminated, he admitted to purchasing a Porshe, and spending over 40,000 in gambling. The judge said in final order "he was not a creditable witness, and evasive" I do not understand how he gets away with this stuff. I am under a lease, and does not expire until March 2016, my credit is already torn, that would make it worse, but I don't know how to make it. My attorney is not charging me anything now, thank God, but we keep filling motions, contempt's, going to court, and having orders, yet he gets away with abusing me through the court and his attorney lies, with no proof, no transcript of the hearing, just randomly states lies.
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