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  1. shortygirl There is nothing in my lease has nothing in it about not being able to sub letting the home. That was one of the reason for these questions.
  2. I understand I might have been broad but, the question is does a land owner have the legal right to stop me "the home owner" (mobile home) from renting the mobile home? Is there some protection to stop me from being evict as long as I am abiding the rules of the park? P.S. Unfeasible has a couple of means one is "not possible or practical to do or to believe" or "inconvenient or impractical" also I could have used the Infeasible"not possible to do easily or conveniently; impracticable"
  3. I consider Unfeasible is the right word when your talking around 10,000 to 15,000 dollars to do so. Also you assumed correctly on the The Mobile home and the house. But my question is really about the protection that Title 27 chapter 47 gives to Manufactured house owners.
  4. I have a home the South Carolina, Horry County. I own the I own the Mobile Home and it is paid off. The house is unfeasible to move it's bricked in and has stone pouches. I was told by the owner of the land I could rent the house out but after posting the house for rent he has now told me today I'm not allowed rent it. I have never signed anything that says I'm unable to rent my property out but the rental is month to month. I was told if I do rent it out he would give notice a force me to move the house which would destroy it. I have invested thousands of dollars upgrading the house before renting it. I am abiding by all park rules to this point but don't know what to do.
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