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  1. do you know anna bridges

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      are they any way you would e mail somebody for me please its crazycass86.ct@gmail.com tell her how to get intouch with me my e mail is eller1900@yahoo.com password

      Stop1234 tell her how to do it please thank you

  2. do you know anna bridges

  3. I was put on probation after dealing with court for months. I was found guilty for possession of Marijuana. As a requirement of my probation the judge has asked me to get a letter from my parents saying that they know what has happened and know that I am on probation. All my friends and coworkers think this is illegal considering that I am 20 years old. I have dealt with this whole court thing without letting my parents find out and I would like to keep it that way. I could really use some legal advise to find out if the judge can really ask that of me, since I live on my own in a different state and pay for myself.
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