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  1. Thank you all for your replies. As usual my point was missed. Our Constitution has been crapped upon by the supreme Court so many times the framers would roll their eyes if they knew. I will not return to this site. Everybody rejoice please.
  2. . So licensing has nothing to withhere a public saftey? Licensing has every thing to do with public saftey and preventing public harm. Where are you from?
  3. While driving an autmobile traffic officers are not allowed, in most cases, to stop you and demand your papers just because you are driving. Why then can DNR officers demand to see your papers just because you are fishing? Both types of officers are licensed by the state and so are fishing and driving state licensed. Yet traffic police seem in most cases to respect the 4th ammendment in that they must witness something susupicious, probale cause, to make a stop and demand papers. Of course this is not true when DUI road blocks are set up and the constitution is essentially ignored for the greater good. Like when Japanese Amercan citizens were sent to concentration camps during WW2. Is there something susupicious about fishing? When we cast a line into the water do we lose a portion of our constitutional rites? Doesn't the 4th ammendment to the constitution apply to all branches of goverment? Which activity, fishing or driving, has the highest potential for citizen harm? I'm pretty sure it's driving.
  4. Recently I called 911 from home and requested an ambulance be sent to my residence. The policy of this county and perhaps most counties in Minnesota is that the police also arrive with the ambulance at the residence. The officer who arrived did some surreptitious sneaky like walking and gazing about my property. My question is if the officer had spotted something illegal would I have been subject to arrest? Have I consented to a police presence and a cursory no warrant search of my property because I called 911 for an ambulance?
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