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  1. He instructed me on the things I needed to take care of and offered other suggestions and advice. Billed me $510 for a 90 minutes of his time. Contacted me around tax time, again telling me what needed to be filed etc.
  2. I apologize for not being a little clearer on my original post. Both parents are deceased. I met with this attorney per his insistance to discuss my duties and basically how to proceed with caring out my role as trustee. What my responibilities and fudicary obligations to those named as beneficiaries of the trust. He took care of making application for the Fed Id# etc. He clearly was fullfilling the role as my attorney.
  3. I am the sucessor trustee for my parents trust. 30 days after my mother passed I met with their attorney.He handled all the paperwork, Fed tax Id#, selling family car etc. He counciled me, on my duties as trustee, record keeping, compensation, as well as filing taxes. I was billed for 1-1/2 hrs $560. He has sent via USPS letters reminding me of a deadline for filing tax forms etc. My brother has filed with the Probate Court to have me removed as Trustee. This same attorney is representing him. Isn't that clearly a Conflict of Interest..
  4. I did, and I filled out a statement with the local police dept. They told me that it really is a civil matter. I can see there point but, the house is owned by the trust not the beneficiaries. It is my responsibility to control and secure the property until it can be sold. Under that scenario, do I have any recourse?
  5. I am the trustee of my parents Trust and the personal rep. of their Last Wills.. Their house and a small life ins. policy were the only articles transferred to the trust. Personal effects and insurance money has been distributed, only the house remains. My brother changed the locks to gain access. Can he do that legally?
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