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  1. DC, we had our discussion only a couple days after the funeral and, I'm sure, I was still in a bit of a traumatized state. And, I'm sure you are right, no doubt most people need to be led by the nose when handling a situation like this. I am an assertive, take charge, person who is able to work without supervision. From this point on he will advise and I will direct.
  2. The responses have been excellent and my thinking on this issue has been clarified. I will have a no nonsense discussion with the lawyer but, at this time, will not fire him. However, that is always an option. At least now I know I can if necessary.
  3. I am both trustee and executor. Both will and trust are filed with the County. He wrote a letter to the beneficiaries explaining exactly what I had already told them. He did this without notifying me he was doing so. Of course, at billable time. He had a conversation with a family member of the deceased, at billable time, without telling me. The terms of both the will and trust give me "sole discretion" as to how all matters are to be handled. I do not like him working behind my back without keeping me informed. I do not like him building up billable time without first consulting me. He told the beneficiaries I would be sending them an inventory list. The deceased was a hoarder. It could take a team of six persons a month or more to make such an inventory. I photo recorded all items and that is all I am going to do with regards to an inventory.
  4. Thanks. I have been researching several sources and all confirm what you said. He works for me. At this point I am reluctant to fire him. But I am going to be politely assertive in reminding him I write the checks and he is to respond to my calls and incur no billable hours without my permission. This is a good forum, I appreciate the responses.
  5. I am the named trustee and executor in both the will and trust. I pay him from the assets of the estate. If he does not answer to me, who would he answer to?
  6. I am the executor for the estate of a friend. The lawyer who set up the trust is conducting matters without consulting me and he does not return my calls. Who does he work for? Can I fire him?
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