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  1. Thank you all for such valuable advice and pg1067 we thank you also. The WE is myself, my wife, and my daughter. Certainly I know that my wife and I have nothing to do with any legal ramifications. We are staying with our daughter for a number of weeks to help her get into the healing. Her boyfriend was our friend as well and we miss him. His family (extended- sister brother mother aunts and uncles) live here. We are here from Michigan to support our daughter and our boyfriends family as well but our daughter seems to be getting short shift and the mom is in a control freak situation. And she is grieving so much as well. And I might mention that she wants to move in her son into the house soon. Our daughter is a friend of the brother and may not have a problem with this. But it is all happening way to fast. We collectively talked about taking small steps but the mom is a control take charge type person and will most likely be pushing this soon (like as soon as my wife and I leave for home back in Michigan). Our daughter is a school teacher and can not afford an equivalent home without a room mate. Again thanks for all the advice. Hope we can keep this civil.
  2. I need to add that the mortgage is/was paid by the boyfriend but our daughter paid half to her boyfriend.
  3. This is tough. And the hope is to not ruffle family and friends and to remain as friends for life. Our daughter's live in boyfriend died suddenly recently. The home they lived in was owned by her boyfriend. I do not know if he had a will but suspect he did not. His family and mom live in the same city. The couple shared in paying the mortgage. The mom of our daughters boyfriend already took the boyfriends dog even though they both cared for him and has been over to the house taking items from the house and she has keys to the house. She the mother was also a business partner with our daughter's boyfriend. Some of the stuff she took was not hers but most likely a mistake and was of minimal value. She is a good person but this is just hurting our daughter in that people enter the house she lives in and take stuff. How do we handle this diplomatically. So the house is owned by the deceased boyfriend. What are our daughter's legal rights. How long can she stay here. They did pay the Oct mortgage bill. We so want this to work out amicably. But it seems like our daughter is being trampled on by the mother who seems to think she is the only person grieving. They even came over today and took some frozen food prepared by the boyfriend for a special tribute family meal. Our daughter and her boyfriend spent a lot of sweat equity in fixing up the house which he owned such as flooring, windows and painting but the cost of goods was paid for by the boyfriend. Thanks for thoughts.
  4. Hi, thanks, All lots in our subdivision and some adjacent acerage properties that could be subdivided down to 1 acre lots (one a blueberry farm- how is that for changing from ag to residential) are shown in the new map to change from ag to R1 residential. But there are only 2 lots left in our sub of 26 lots which have not yet been built upon. Again the prospective change at this point is only shown in a master plan map. There have been no township actions yet on implementing the changes shown in the master plan which was published in 2011. Thanks for comments.
  5. Thank you for your reply. As stated we are presently zoned in an agricultural designated zone and short term rentals are not prohibited. The master plan shows an intent to change our property to an R1 designation which is residential. Per the existing zoning code for R1: "Rental of Non-owner Occupied Dwelling 1.Intent -This is a clarifying amendment that confirms the determination by the Zoning Board of Appeals on September 9,1999, that the minimum length of time that a dwelling may be rented and be in conformance with the intent of the ordinance is one month and reaffirmed by the Zoning Board of Appeals on September 11, 2008 as 30 days. This is also to distinguish between rental of a “non-owner occupied dwelling” and “Bed and Breakfast” which is rental of a owner occupied dwelling. 2. A property owner may rent a non-owner occupied dwelling, provided that the minimum length of time that the dwelling may be rented is 30days." So my concern and question is whether we would be able to continue with short term rentals of less than 30 days. Thanks again. Traverse City, Mi.
  6. Hi, Our home is located in our Township's Agricultural designated zoning code. We are allowed to have short term rentals of our home and to offer our home or portions of our home through airbnb, VRBO, and the like. Our master plan though shows that a possible zoning code change could occur that would put us in a designated residential zone that limits renting to no less than 30 days. Short term rentals would not be allowed. Will we be allowed to use the former use as a previous allowed use? Thank you for you consideration. Traverse Clty, Michigan
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