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  1. If my employer can not or will not honor my doctors restrictions after being put at full MMI. Do I still receive TTD from WC ? Or do I have to search for other employment or go on unemployment ?
  2. certainly not for revenge. I have never used workers comp in 40 years. I am just worried if I cannot return to work, how do I secure my future?
  3. Early this year I suffered a bad fall from approximately seven feet high. I was performing my duties while standing on a ladder. Unknown to me the ladder had been horribly repaired with a piece of tin and sheet metal screws. While on the ladder, the ladder tore apart at the repair forcing me to fall backwards onto my arms. My employer quickly had the ladder destroyed the following morning, and is refusing to release the name of the person who repaired the ladder. The result of the fall so far is that both my rotator cuffs had to be rebuilt not just repaired. Unrepairable damage has also taking place in my elbows and right hand. I have had two surgeons state it is unrepairable. Due to the nature of my job, I will not be released by my doctor to perform my duties as it requires very heavy lifting. I have properly made all the claims to Workers Comp and have a WC lawyer. My WC lawyer states I cannot sue my employer in the state of Kentucky. However, I found out that my employer has been sued at least five times by employees and lost all five cases. I also found through state statute 96A that my employer can sue and be sued. My question is how do I go about finding a personal injury lawyer who can help me or at least provide answers that my WC lawyer will not discuss
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