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  1. First, congratulations on the baby! I'm glad you're feeling better now. Unless your medical records specifically state that your symptoms were a direct result of the leaks, you may not have much to back your claim up. The landlord could argue that because you were treated with anti biotics, your infection was bacterial and not mold related. Did your doctor take sputum samples or skin samples to test? Do you have a history of asthma that perhaps the dampness exacerbated? Next, you say that your pet had accidents that you cleaned up, but if they were on carpet and it soaked through, the flooring underneath could have been damaged but unseen until the carpet was removed. Security deposits (damage deposits) are intended to 'make the landlord whole', not to give them a 'windfall'. You are right to point out that the flooring they are choosing is a significant upgrade from what they claim was damaged. $7,700 is a pretty significant sum. Only you can decide whether hiring a lawyer or representing yourself would be the best choice.
  2. pg1067, agreed, bugging the landlord is what they have been doing. As for your having no idea why they would be using propane, many mobile homes are plumbed to use propane fuel for heating and cooking purposes. Those appliances that are not too old can be converted to use natural gas. Older appliances would have to be replaced, including furnaces. That is what made the landlords' offer so appealing, free stove or dryer. ElleMD, they are not being billed for the gas, as there is none running through the line yet. They are however, being billed for the meter itself. I've suggested they notify the landlord of intent to deduct the charge from the rent, since the landlords' delay is causing them to have to pay for something they are as yet unable to take advantage of and use. There is a clock ticking on this, as the home owners had to sign an agreement that if they did not hook up an appliance to the line within one year, they would be subject to being billed $1,200 for the laying of the gas line to their home site. Hopefully, it won't come down to filing a breach of contract case, but thank you for sending me in the right direction.
  3. Perhaps you should have had the carpets cleaned before you did the final walk through. I have 2 dogs that have basically ruined a one year old sofa due to 'pet smell'. They have not pee'd on it. Just them laying on it and licking has left a very distinctive odor. I actually don't blame your landlord for not wasting time and money on attempting to clean it first, only to find it must be replaced after all. Consider yourself lucky that it's only $200.00.
  4. Our landlord brought natural gas lines into our mobile home park. Then, they offered free gas stove or gas dryer to entice folks to switch to the natural gas, hook up included. Several home owners agreed. The gas company put in their meters and have started billing the home owners, but the landlord has not come through with the free appliances. Now these home owners are being billed for the line and meter while also still having to pay for their propane services. Anyone have any idea what these home owners can do now? I've searched the New Jersey statutes but this scenario isn't covered under the applicable Landlord/Tenant laws.
  5. Sorry, was commenting based on experience. I've had a Judge tell me in court, that the Security Deposit is NOT meant to cover unpaid rent. In NJ, a Landlord is supposed to file a separate claim for any unpaid rent. One of the reasons I comment about how things are done here is to show how things differ from State to State. Not to mention the possibility that when people are looking for answers, they may check posts that don't include a tag as to which State the poster is in. So, I don't feel the information 'goes to waste'. But, thank you, for your concerns and comments. I will consider more carefully my choice to 'share' what I know and have experienced.
  6. As stated, it depends on the State...it also depends on the 'Cause for Eviction'. In your case, non payment of rent, does not preclude him living with a friend, as long as that friend is paying their rent. If it had been for assaulting the landlord, that would be different. You would have to get a 'no trespass' order. At least, that's how it is here in NJ.
  7. Why do you not know how much of the $700 deposit remains? Was a 'walk through' done before he returned the keys? Were there damages to the areas he had access to? Does your state require the Landlord to send an accounting within a certain time limit? ex. NJ requires Landlords to send information regarding damage deductions within 30 days. The courts here are also very quick to point out that Security Deposits are for damages and not to be used for rent owed.
  8. Would be nice to know the outcome of this situation. Perhaps calling the Red Cross would have been an option.
  9. Does anyone know how "fair return" is calculated for a hardship rent increase in New Jersey?
  10. Just to clarify...she has NOT had any insulin since Nov 4th, 2015 and she HAS NOT had ANY seizures, ever!
  11. My daughter has a Commercial Drivers License with Passenger Endorsement to be a school bus driver. The P.E. was suspended when she had to go on insulin from diabetes that was being caused by Cushing's Syndrome/Disease. Cushing's is a rare disorder, usually caused by a tumor on the pituitary gland. She got her diagnosis and had surgery to remove the tumor in Nov. 2015. She has not had to take any insulin since. When she attempted to get her suspension lifted, the medical examiner from the D.O.T. told her that it may not be possible. The handbook says that there is a 'risk of seizure due to penetration of the dura' but that is in reference to Traumatic Brain Injury and not the surgery she had. I have been searching for information related to risk of seizure in post op Cushing's but have found nothing. While there is plenty of information out there about T.B.I. where bone penetrated the dura, there seems to be nothing about surgical interventions. Any information you may have will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  12. You may want to see if there are any resources to help you cover your rent up till the day your lease is due to expire. In New Jersey, we have a Homelessness Prevention Program. Several churches and other organizations also have funds to help with these type of situation. This way, you may be able to avoid any 'missing rent payments' altogether.
  13. Why wait for the house to be condemned? You should move out immediately! I'm surprised you stayed this long!
  14. Complexes may reject you so I would suggest a smaller rental. Corporations are not as flexible as a 'single' landlord. Have you contacted a housing authority of any kind? Many of them are helpful to folks in your situation.
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