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  1. hey adam want me 2 let u kno he in lock-up now 4 contraband & he loves u

    1. Nikki


      hw longs he gna b in lockdwn for? when will he get for showers or watever?

    2. Torrey159


      he in for 30 days. He come out for showers tomorrow. He said he love his boo

    3. Nikki


      luv him too!! tell him my dads callin Ramona tomorrow to try to get me in wrk release

  2. If i had a dolla 4 every f***nigga hatin on me, i'd b a rich mf. Don't hate the playa,h8 the game.. $money 101

  3. Definetly get good time if violated.A few months to do and your free.But how is it you have no address for your house arrest? Are you homeless? If so, go ahead and let them violate you and be done with it.
  4. If shes' behind on payments then she shouldn't have the car. A car dealer would've been repoed it no question asked. Just like the bank will get it if you miss a payment.
  5. Sorry about the amp;gt. My keyboard got its own thing this morning
  6. My question would be:1>was your boyfriend in prison since you said he was incarcerated? And 2 was he locked up the whole month of march? People(the police) don't get warrants for no reason.He needs a lawyer cause surely theres' something missing in this post.
  7. There are some pretty good jail house lawyers i've ran across before.They could get everyone out except themselves But this needs to be talked over with your lawyer face to face.If you don't have any priors you might get drug court,work release,or probation. Marshall county has been giving a lot of chances.
  8. To answer your question:No it is not cosidered stalking. FB is open entirely to the public. If you don't want her using your pictures then block her from your page.
  9. okay jack if this was geography I might would care. But seeing as i'm not from colorado or been there I really don't care where its' located.You can keep your comments to yourself.
  10. I agree with the other posts.No court is gonna order a 3 year old on a plane alone for visits. If they do then they can't possibly be a parent.Your ex don't sound like a good father anyway if all he spends is 1 or 2 hours out of a month with him anyhow.If he does TRY to take you to court you might want to be able to show or prove that he drinks alot and party heavy and feel your son will not be in a safe and stable environment and that things happen for the worse when a parent is under the influence.
  11. So very true. Facebook is not the place for everything.The wrong people do use it for the wrong reasons.Ted_from_Texas made a good point when he asked if you are reporting all income you make. If so why worry what she does with pictures? Then too who is to say that you are paying for all vacations? It could be a friend taking you on vacation or the company. Either way,the court is not concerned with your vacations.Your ex sounds childish and very immature.
  12. I agree with pg1067. It makes for easier understanding if your post is in order. It also helps to know what state you are in since laws vary.Its' also up to you to retrieve your tools if they belong to you and not who you work for. If they are your tools and they get damaged while in his posession then you can possibly go to small claims for damages.
  13. If you feel you are wronged due to your experience and what the bosses told you,then go back and talk to them again and see what exactly happened and can it be fixed.It could very well be an error on thier part as far as what they wrote on thier hiring report.If that fails then keep working while seeking a better job for your skills that will pay what your worth.
  14. No need to feel stupid. Did you feel the pulling during the test drive? If so, then you should of mentioned it then. Used cars are normally sold as is and sometimes it is good for you to have another mechanic check the car before you purchase it.
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