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  1. Thank you for above answers to my question. Does he fall into the tenant description since he has been live in my house for free and there is no contract at all? Yes my house is in CT.
  2. My son is taking over my house. He is 25 year old. When he was working, he didn't give me any money. Now he is unemployed, but receives unemployment checks. I asked him to move out countless times. He ignores me, and bring more and more junk staff into the house. Now he occupies 2 bed rooms, one living rooms, and pile up staff in the family room, dinning room, kitchen, and hallway. On top of that, he is verbally abusive, accuse me for everything, such as I don't feed him well. If I try to tell him that he can't just keep bring junks into the house, in return he yelling at me, and bring more staff to the house. I'm a woman and over 60 years old. I think that I have an abusive living condition. My husband is live in CA. What law will be applicable for me to evict him? The house is owned by me and my husband.
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