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  1. No I never personally received any funds out of either business we co/owned most of 2014. However his claim is the funds were used by him to pay himself in which contributed to our the house hold. When I wrote the contract up it clear stated all businesses would be his tax responsibility as I knew all the money that was supposed to be held back for taxes was being spent by him for his new girlfriend. I watched both business accounts diminish quickly. I wanted to make sure I was not held responsible for the tax liability that he was creating is why I set up the contract. I did have a little help for a attorney when writing it however I did not have the funds at the time to him fully execute the contract. The only reason I have entertained his threats is I currently get monthly payments from him as a buyout agreement on both businesses that started 2015 and I know I will have to claim these funds on 2015 taxes. It basically boils down to that he doesn't want to pay the monthly payments and is trying to find ways to get out of paying it.Thank you all for your help on this matter you have all relieved my mind that he can not hold this against me.
  2. He continues to threaten that he will 1099 me for a large sum of money from 2014.
  3. Upon the divorce of my ex we did a property settlement contract that was notarized and sign both parties. In this agreement he was to cover all taxes for both business that he wanted to continue to run. It also states he is to cover all collections cost, fees and penalties if any shall fall back on me. He has and continues to threat that he is to 1099 for the taxes on the businesses. He can not prove nor have I gained any moneys directly to me. Can he still 1099 for any of his earrings for 2014?
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