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  1. I am civilly suing someone for a injuring my dog to the point that he had to be euthanized. My question is...I know the statute of limitations for this type of case is 2 years. I filed a criminal complaint and she was charged so if I understand correctly that extends the limitations an additional year from the date of court disposition. I filed the suit in small claims already and the paperwork says I have 120 to serve her Do I have to have her SERVED before the statute of limitations expires or did I just have to FILE before it expired? The statute of limitations expired during the 120 days I have to serve her.
  2. Thank you everyone for your responses. I know that, unfortunately, pets are considered property. I guess my main concern is getting it documented that someone has sued them before so if this happens again and the "victim" researches the company they can see it has happened before and that will hopefully help their case. There is already a police report but that isn't something you will discover if you look on the internet. Also, I feel it may push the company to possibly terminate the employee. She shouldn't be working with animals, especially alone in a grooming van. Again, thank you for the information. I will most likely go the small claims route.
  3. This is not necessarily workplace related, but it's the only forum I found related to discrimination. My boyfriend is a religious asylee from a Middle Eastern county. He came here after losing family members due to their religion. He is doing everything legally and plans on taking ESL classes at a community college next month if he has a job to help pay for it. He finally got his work authorization card and social security number but the job he really wants requires and Arizona drivers license. He has tried to get a driver's license at least 3 times but cannot pass the written test because he reads English poorly. I have called MVD, gone with him to MVD and e-mailed MVD. The website says he can request an oral test and bring a translator but he has gone to MVD and been denied the use of a translator. The test is translated into Spanish but they will not translate it into Arabic or allow him help other than a language dictionary. He knows the answers when I ask him, but he has problems understanding the not so basic terms used on the test. I would understand if the test was only in English being that this is America but I feel it is really wrong to afford assistance to one minority group (in this case Spanish speakers) but not to others. I was even laughed at by an employee when I asked for an Arabic test.
  4. I caught a groomer abusing my elderly dog. He had cuts, bruises and petechial hemorrhages and could barely walk after the grooming. I filed a police report and the police felt strongly enough about it to file charges on the groomer but it was understandably turned down by the Prosecutor for no likelihood of criminal conviction. I have pictures, a veterinary report documenting the injuries and witnesses to his condition directly after the event. I have also worked in law enforcement for 10 years and ironically I am an animal cruelty liaison at my job. I want to sue the grooming service because it was a horrific experience and I don't want it to happen to someone else. What kind of lawyer should I be looking for since it isn't a human personal injury. The groomer is still employed with the company despite everything.
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