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  1. Thank you all for your responses.... especially to pg1067. Your answer was most informative. Thank you.
  2. IMO: the idea of having NO transparency from a non heir and not knowing.....not knowing anything just seems unreasonable. A TRO would stop anything being done, like incoming money that could be deposited into their joint account. Like I mentioned in previous posts (or meant to mention) she handled his day-to-day affairs. He added her to checking accounts to handle daily expenses. My immediate concern is what is happening right now, and why isn't she being upfront......the damage that could be caused waiting for probate. I hope that makes sense.
  3. Thanks for suggestions. I was seeing if anyone knew of a way to do this without an attorney and his $3000 retainer.......sheesh. Tough crowd.
  4. TRO can be issued to restrain a person or persons from doing something that can not wait to be decided by the court......maybe this is not the forum to ask legal questions as the responses seem to be a bit snarky.....to say the least.
  5. I'm asking a legal question, not editing a manuscript.....and typing on a phone. If there isn't anything helpful you can add please pass on answering this question.
  6. Clarification: My father is deceased July 11, 2015.funeral was this past Saturday 7/18. None of the heirs were able to participate in the planning of the services. (It didn't seem appropriate to press the issue without chaos.....historically speaking) There is zero transparency. Sorry for the confusing question.
  7. My niece has hijacked my fathers (her grandfathers estate. After my mother died 7mos ago my niece became my dad's caretaker (he even put her on his checking accounts). Although she is not officially the executor she knows all the ins and outs of his affairs, and is essentially holding his rightful heirs hostage by withholding all information i.e. Life insurance, burial insurance, deeds, everything. I need to file a TRO/Preliminary injunction. Can I file it myself without an attorney (Mississippi)? I know having an attorney would be best all around, but my question is: Can an ordinary citizen file a TRO. In this small MS town, I was told I must have an attorney to file a TRO of this kind....(they only handle domestic abuse restraining orders!?)
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