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  1. Can anyone refer me to an attorney or group that help my son with his Child custody legal issues, at a free, or sliding scale rate? Both Moms are claiming they make minimum wage, one was a retail manager 55k annually, previously, now took menial employment. The other doesn't provide any financial documentation ( bartending for 13 years) so they are rating her wage at minimum wage $8.23. If they shared custodial parenting equally, the child support issues would be resolved. He buys clothes, food and pays for housing for the children also and he makes $22,000 a year. So he is always behind in child support and they suspend his license, then he can't work??? How does this resolve anything. Please read and help!!
  2. Thank you for your supportive information. he is unable to complete and keep record of the documentation he needs. I am currently gathering all this information and scheduling current appointments for recent diagnoses as well. I am hoping someone can refer me to a group that supports disabled parents/or a pro bono lawyer or resource where I can go to for help.
  3. My son was hit by a car while doing his paper route 28 years ago. He suffered a severe brain injury and has had to live with memory loss for 28 years. He is now in a child support battle with 2 women, ugh! He has a problem with responding to questions asked in court when he feels stress , his memory fails him worse. I am trying to help him by becoming his POA. He has been abused by these women as they know he has a memory problem. Unfortunately he can not work in most environments because of this disability and he has maintained a lawn business for 10 years as this worked the best for his limitations. Lately his business has been dropping, he cannot remember to follow schedules and forgets he talked to people. The Child Custody Support agencies are now threatening legal action for past due child support and he can barely pay his rent. What kind of Dad is he? Loving, supportive and devoted. His daughters adore him. Child 1-He initially had his oldest daughter for 20 days a month and he still paid the Mom child support. She worked as a bartender and you can't verify her income. Since that time Mom took him back to court and used his forgetfulness to get the daughter arrangement flipped around and she got twice as much child support. Since then, Mom has been fired from 13 bartending jobs in (12 years) and has several DUI & domestic violence records. My son has never missed a single parental day and has had to pickup the daughter on several occasions on Moms day when Mom was drunk. Mom just recently spent sometime in jail.. (Sums this up) Child 2- He has always again picked the younger daughter up on his parental days and is diligent that the 2 daughters have the same days for quality time together. This Mom has 2 children from another marriage where she lost custody to the ex because she has a domestic violence record during their divorce of her first marriage. This Mom was several years behind in child support, for her other children, but somehow purchased new cars and afforded a breast enhancement. This Mom has been fired in two retail jobs where she made 45-55 k , she's not an alcoholic however she was raised in a domestic abuse household. She continually harasses my son through text and states he has no brain injury and he's a liar. I have noted these comments. Unfortunately the Child support agency because of these comments from her, do not believe my son has the disability and also will not acknowledge my POA. I am having trouble getting this through to their agency. If he was blind they would offer him brail, he has a memory disability, and you can see the head injury with a 5 inch scar on the back of his head. They offer him nothing for this disability?? Isn't this discrimination.? The case manager has even made the comment to me she does believe he has a disability. This is a stereotype and judgment the case manager is making against him as well. He doesn't have money for a lawyer, what can I do? Can anyone help me please.
  4. True, Its legal to put someone on administrative leave while an incident is investigated. However,you can not prove that someone gave you bed bugs in this retail environment with 400-500 people coming in on daily basis with all the apartment communities in the area as well, this could happen anywhere. They realized it was wrongful and he was immediately returned to work with pay and the union will be filing a complaint. But I agree, anytime you confide in people they find a way to use it against you. Best to keep your mouth shut! I didn't need a lesson on that, I asked him why he felt it necessary to tell that to anyone!! I was angry and felt bad for him at the same time. The humiliation and discrimination he must feel from this incident. Thanks for the replies, have a good day!
  5. We had traveled recently and ended up with Bed Bugs in our home. We sprayed several times over a 2 month period with a Terminating Company. My husband made mention of the problem to someone he works with. A month and a half later this person is now saying they have the bugs and my husband is now on administrative leave until it has been determined what action will be required through HR. How does this stand legally? Anyone can acquire bed bugs through any avenue and this is a major retail chain with hundreds of people COMING IN DAILY and products being SHIPPED IN DAILY. I feel this is a coincidence or the other person is using this to some ADVANTAGE.
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