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  1. Thank you... We are the concerned family members in this situation. I'm taking the lead in getting information. I am not skilled in legal research, and have the overwhelming task to find answers in order to make some grave decisions. Yes, I realize this is an awkward place to inquire... but I've spoken with a number of medical staff, officials and lawyers in Illinois, and got various answers that sent me in many directions. In one brief day, you kindly provided some direction. I appreciate it. The link was useful. Again, Thank you.
  2. I have a question about the responsibilites of guardianship of a disabled adult. I have a sibling who has recently fallen severly ill and cannot make medical or financial decisions. Resident of Illinois. No spouse. No children. No known will, living will, POA or assigns. According to medical personnel, unable to communicate even the simplest yes or no responses. No hope of recovery. I am in California. Illinois social worker requested that I petition for guardianship and POA. I have questions: How would we find out if there is already a POA? What exactly are the POA responsiblities/liabilities on disabled person's behalf? Is an attorney required for "interstate" matters? What is the role of a Guardian Ad Litum? How is one appointed? What is the state's obligation to care for a disabled person? For how long? Then what? What happens when the disabled person dies? What are "next of kin" rights and responsibilities? What happens to disabled persons assets or property? Can a sibling or parent sign a DNR without being appointed guardian or POA? If so, what is the process? Any help is appreciated in this very serious and sudden matter.
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