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  1. Bought boat from friend of a friend I made a written receipt with a promise if I were to sell the boat i would pay the person 1,500 more. For some reason he couldnt find the title papers and claimed they were lost. Possibly, in the middle of moving to his new place of residence or his Sister had it. Im not sure what the reason maybe to be honest. Anyway I invested between 1000. to 1500.00 into the boat. i called the dept of boating who told me how I might register the boat. I need a letter to be sign by a notary from the person I bought it from saying i bought the boat from him stating that i am the new owner of yr/ model / make of boat. Then i can register with the state of hawaii dept. of boating. when i txt the person I bought it from the info the state required I have, he told me for another $4000.00 he can give me the title. Note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This person has not reported the boat stolen, the person has not registered the boat from the time he bought it in Aug. 2014. please advise. . . . options. . . .legal or legal yet immorral will b considered thank you Sincerely, Pist Off
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