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  1. injured on the job 9/7 after 7days employer decided to put me on comp received a letter today from dept labor work comp bureau stating employer decided to pay temp comp for wages and medical (max 90 days) everything i've read on this and other sites indicates ins co. has 21 days to accept or deny claim Does the 21 days start after the 90 days are up? I've been treating with a Dr. that the ins co. referred me to. (There is no posting of treating Drs at work), after cervical and lumbar MRI, Dr is indicating surgery may be necessary. This would put me well beyond the 90 day time frame.
  2. injured at work 3 weeks ago Co. waited 1 1/2 weeks to decide if they were going with work comp. needless to say no treatment for 3 weeks. asked Co safety officer if they had panel drs for me to treat with. was told "no", and to wait to hear from ins carrier before i start treatment. ins carrier finally called to inform which dr to see. my question; If the Co. does not have panel dr's posted, can the Ins carrier require me to treat with a Dr of their choosing, or can I treat with my Dr?
  3. 3301 (d) is exactly what I filed The order of the court is: "Upon review of the record in this case, it is hereby ORDERED and DECREED that the Plaintiffs request for the entry of a decree in divorce is DENIED, as Defendant has filed both a timely counter-affidavit under section 3301 (d) of the divorce Code which requests economic relief and a Counterclaim in divorce. It is furthered ORDERED and DECREED that the file is REMANDED to the prothonotary for further action by the parties" When I spoke to prothonotary via phone, I was told I am not allowed access to the file, and to contact defendant for any documents she filed.
  4. filed for 2 year separation divorce in Pennsylvania mar.2015. followed all procedures on law help website (complaint, service, affidavit, notice to request entry, counter affidavit, non military service, certificate of service with certified receipts, praecipe to transmit record,) all within the proper waiting periods, I followed the website to a "t". speaking with prothonotary, she review file and felt that all filings were done properly, indicated that once judge received file I would have the decree within 10 days. well I guess I shouldn't be supprised but it seems (the hopefully soon to be) X filed a "TIMELY COUNTER-AFFIDAVIT UNDER SECTION 3301(D)OF THE DIVORCE CODE WHICH REQUESTS ECONOMIC RELIEF AND A COUNTERCLAIM IN DIVORCE". I was never served with these filings, but it appears the court was.as this is the order of the court. 1- I have no idea what the counter claim is or what relief (as I never received the documents) 2-the file was remanded back to prothonotary "for further action by the parties" we have joint custody of my daughter (court ordered) I have primary custody her mom is supposed to pay support, $360.00 mo. (court ordered), but lives in fla. and pays a few dollars every few months currently approx. $3000.00 in arrears i'm stuck as to what the next step is on my behalf, I've been out of work for the past 1 1/2 yrs and the work comp isn't enough for my daughter and I to survive on so thousands of dollars to hire an attorney isn't possible at this time. can someone help me with my next move, the court has indicated that this is a legal question and understandably, cannot be answered by them. we've been separated 5 yrs and I'd like to put this behind me.
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