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  1. Did you end up getting this fixed? Sounds like they tried to mess with you.

  2. Hi I am 34, disabled and was basically harassed the other night. I use a cane to assist me because I have balance problems, I DO NOT take any narcotics (pain meds) although I do take a stimulant due to my narcolepsy, I have a medical card, bracelet and information about my meds and conditions with me at all times, I have been cleared to drive. (Although I do not at times because I am not comfortable), The other night I was stopped coming out of the store, and was told I was under suspicion for being under the influence. I was shocked of course,. To make this short, I went through all the tests, I was denied the use of my cane and glasses, I failed, and was told "I was high as a kite", they refused me a Breathalyzer, blood and Urine test when I asked. Instead of arresting me, they made me sit in the parking lot for 2.5 hours, and YES they did watch to make sure I did not leave. I am a WA resident but was in Portland doing some shopping. I asked if I could listen to my music and use my heat/massage pad on my seat, the officer said that was fine. So I am questioning first 1) Before they did any field sobriety testing I asked for a breathalyzer, and was told no, I then asked for a blood/urine test and again a Breathalyzer and was denied. 2) They denied me the use of my cane, and glasses during the tests 3) If you are under the influence, I always thought your keys COULD NOT be in the ignition... I am trying to find out some facts here. And am having a hard time getting straight answers from people, because they want to either 1) sue or 2) represent me. I am an advocate for invisible disabilities so any information would be greatly helpful. Thank you
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