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  1. Sonia_ro, Defamation claims are premised of falsity. Investigations can clarify those things, did you have a question about a specif defamation claim? Defamation, Libel and Slander The FindLaw.com Team
  2. frust8ed16, How did she get access to internal hospital medical records? Your issue may be more with the hospital. What state is this occurring in? The FindLaw.com Team
  3. KD4090, Sorry for your loss. Criminal fines associated with sentencing or any monies that are associated are usually put in two separate categories of fines and restitution. Fines go to the government, restitution would go to the victim or the victims estate.Take a look at the following:Fines Are you thinking about filing for a wrongful death suit? The FindLaw.com Team
  4. Victory16, Sorry to hear about this. What state is this occurring in? The FindLaw.com Team
  5. Sorry, I didn't see the Tag up top. Have you tried neighboring states cases? This case may help you find others: Brownell v. Figel , 950 F.2d 1285 (1991),
  6. Even if this is a homework assignment I would think that textbooks would cover the actus reus of murder. But pg1067, is right case law and state statutes would dictate whether the defendant is still criminally culpable. There are a bunch of tort concepts that could dictate different outcomes but its treated differently in criminal matters. What state is this occurring in?
  7. smokey0069, If a judge has ordered you to have no contact with an individual, you should not have contact with that individual. A judge telling you this face to face at a hearing will probably suffice as notice in lieu of a written notice mailed to you. The FindLaw.com Team
  8. braysparalegal, Did the victim suffer a "busted spleen" due to the fight with defendant? The FindLaw.com Team
  9. OK_Gal, Is the outdoor bathroom unsafe in some way?
  10. VictimOfNarcissist, Maryland allows married couples to file a no-fault divorce after 2 years of separation. You may want to look into it. If you don't own many things and have no children, coming to a settlement may not be so difficult. You can file the paperwork own you own also. We have a divorce section that can help you file for divorce on your own, it includes links to information and forms that you may be able to use. Start with the county website for which you and your ex lived. The FindLaw.com Team
  11. SugarNSpiceEx3, Conflicts of interests to in the matter you phrase it usually stem from prior representation. Has the lawyer represented you in the past since he was friend's with your husband? The FindLaw.com Team
  12. llasalle, You are welcome, you should still seek out an attorney in your area to double check. If you have anymore questions feel free to continue to ask. The FindLaw.com Team
  13. melaniek457, Its hard to discuss the a warrant supported by probable cause without actually seeing a warrant. You need to take the situation to a local attorney who will be better able to assess the validity of the warrant. If you need help searching for an attorney in your area, you can use this link to find one. The FindLaw.com Team
  14. llasalle, Thank you for the question. Is the validity of your marriage a part of another issue you are having? The FindLaw.com Team
  15. Jessward, There are multiple threads of analysis for that question. Washington is community property state so the distinction between community property(property acquired while married) and separate property( property possessed before marriage, property that was a gift or property inherited). Usually, inheritance is not part of the community property pool. However, if the property can be traced to a community source like a spouse's income or business (owned and thrived during marriage) the outcome may be different. There are more rules that dictate what portion of what goes where, it can be very complicated. It is far more exhaustive than what I have written here and judging by the amount in question, your friend need to speak with an attorney immediately. It is also not clear that anything in that trust can be traced to a community asset that would entitle the non-inheriting spouse to any part of it. She needs to discuss the facts with a local attorney. If she needs help finding one, she can use this link. The FindLaw.com team
  16. Jessward, What state is this occurring in? The FindLaw.com Team
  17. smokey0069, Its not really a thing you decide to have. Its a right afforded to you by the sixth amendment of the US constitution. You have a right to a speedy trial. The right is usually invoked when the prosecution appears to be unreasonably delay the trial. You are however able to waive your right to a speedy trial. Right to a Speedy Jury Trial George Zimmerman Waives Right ti Speedy Trial The FindLaw.com Team
  18. Well I am glad you found it helpful and I will continue to provide more information if you have more questions but you also need to remember that it is sometimes hard to convey tone through text and I don't necessarily think any poster is purposefully trying to be rude or insensitive. Please keep that in mind and feel free to continue to post your questions here. The FindLaw.com Team
  19. The distinctions and similarities between your case and the subject cases would be something you would address with an attorney. The attorney will help you make an argument. I do think that LegalWriterOne's posts are helpful as you will need to realize the issues you may come across if you choose to pursue a claim. The FindLaw.com team
  20. alevinemi, I understand your concern but its common place for HOAs to have authority over things you may not realize. It all boils down to what’s covered in a CC&R . By moving in and agreeing to the CC&Rs you have agreed to allow them to regulate your home in a certain matter. Take a look at the following: What Homeowners Associations May Regulate Homeowner Association Basics The FindLaw.com Team
  21. Transgender, Are you able to access this site? http://www.transequality.org/issues/police-jails-prisons There are many resources listed there. You may want to start by examining the guidelines for "Cruel and Unusual Punishment", a concept usually invoked in death sentence cases but nevertheless has been used advocate for the rights of transgender inmates. Chelsea Manning Sues Over Transgender Treatment in Prison Transgender Inmate Sues for Sex Change Transgender Inmate Files Cert. Petition With Supreme Court The FindLaw.com Team
  22. MRSDPD2004, So its likely if there is a will it would be filed there? Here is a link to the Glynn County Probate Court, you may want to start by getting contact information and simply asking someone over the phone.
  23. MRSDPD2004, It would be up to the executor of the will to notify you and your brother if you have inherited. The person in possession of the will is required to produce it after the will creator or testator has died. If it exists it may be at the local county courthouse. What county is this occurring? The Probate Basics What is Probate Court? Estate Administration The FindLaw.com
  24. suzy, Can you explain the nature of your employment? I ask because if you have already sued and won a judgment in another state you are likely precluded from suing the same employer for the same acts in a different state. Are these two separate incidents? The FindLaw.com Team
  25. So can you please clarify what exactly your question is? Its very unclear. Are you alleging that someone has been held for over a year without actually being charged after being arrested without probable cause?
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