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  1. And thanks to all who have given answers/opinions, I appreciate it very much.
  2. I know he has ran them because he's bragged about running the tags on any vehicle parked near the house.
  3. I am renting a room in someones home and have occasional visits from family or friends during the day or evening but not any later than 11pm or midnight. I have a separate entrance than the owner. Recently I was told by another renter that the owner had stated he documents info on any vehicle that comes there, such as plate numbers, make & model, ect. And because he is a tow truck driver for the local law enforcement, he is able to run the vehicle info just as the police do. I don't understand WHY he's wanting to do this as my visitors do not bother or disturb him, do not park illegally or in the driveway. Does he have the right to do this? I feel it's a violation of my privacy as well as my visitors privacy.
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