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  1. More than 5 months has passed since I subpoenaed the custodian of records, but there still hasn't been a response. Google isn't showing me what I should do now. Is there something I need to ask the court to do about the custodian of records ignoring my subpoenas? Two have been done now, and neither has received a response.
  2. Whom do I subpoena to pursue answers contained in records held by the bureau of prisons?
  3. I apologize. I do not know how to delete this topic or I would have done so. Basically, I wanted to know what questions need to be answered by an expert. I could ask random questions, but that won't help any. I don't know what questions need to be asked. I have been told I am asking too many questions though, so I'll just stop. I did do searches with Google and on this board about which questions I need to ask, but I did not find any answers. I will only be able to ask 1 set of questions however. "appease the court" means, I know I need to provide expert testimony, but I don't know what to ask an expert. I could go for basic questions like, is diabetic ketoacidosis dangerous? I just wanted to know what questions absolutely have to be asked of an expert. I know my own knowledge is not useful since I'm not an expert. Nothing I have previously posted had anything to do with expert testimony. I have never asked this before. The context is I had diabetic ketoacidosis while in prison. I have an expert who can testify. What do I need to ask him?
  4. I have suffered from diabetic ketoacidosis while in prison. What questions do I need to have answered to appease the court about diabetic ketoaridosis? I'm reasonably certain I need to have testimony about how long it takes to get diabetic ketoacidosis. I'm fairly certain I need to have testimony explaining the diabetic ketoacidosis is life threatening, and causes suffering. Chances are I should also ask the expert what causes diabetic ketoacidosis. Is there anything else I need?
  5. The statute of limitations has passed, and the case has already been started. Since the statute of limitations passed after the case had started, I think it would be ok to get a lawyer to handle it, if I could ever find one. Many attempts had no results, likely due to the difficulty of this case. It saddens me the utter abuse that can be done freely to prisoners, but, that's the way it is. Thanks for your help. The defense has asked the court that I should pay all the expenses of the defense on a loss, so that could already run me a lot of money.
  6. Thank you, I had hoped I could rely on other cases where it was shown diabetic ketoacidosis can kill very quickly. I guess this is why they can leave people with diabetic ketoacidosis for long periods of time, and ignore vomiting right at their feet. (I was told to go get paper towel and clean it up by the nurse when I did that). Considering how often it happened, it makes more sense now.
  7. I personally suspect I don't have sufficient damages. While diabetic ketoacidosis can kill quickly (and has been proven to have killed in other court cases), I survived. Since I survived, it's difficult to tell if there are any permanent damages. Any permanent damages I have could just be chalked up to being diabetic, and not taking care of myself... I don't know if the damages can be linked directly to diabetic ketoacidosis since diabetes damages affect the entire body causing amputations, blindness, death, etc... but diabetic ketoacidosis also causes entire body damages, just a lot faster. I personally suspect the facts are favorable, if I knew how to present them, and I could identify the defendants... though due to the PLRA, even having favorable facts is very difficult. I have to basically prove this medical staff knowingly, and purposefully tried to injure me, and that I did not deserve it. This knowing and purposeful damage had to violate my constitutional rights. The PLRA is what stops almost every lawsuit started by prisoners, and results in even prisoners killed to lose cases (like if the doctor was not purposefully trying to kill someone, but the prisoner died from it, the doctor is completely innocent of any wrongdoing). Is it too late to try to hire a lawyer for this case?
  8. Just to be certain -- no lawyers will handle this sort of case, right? I've tried, but never managed to find one.
  9. I will see what I can do to make the BOP a defendant. I hope this will make getting my BOP records easier. Thank you for your help everyone.
  10. The BOP is not a defendant since I am clueless with law. I read they rarely lose, and I don't know how to state a claim against them that I might win. I did not sue them.
  11. Thank you. I have already personally requested the records I need, and they have informed me the records are stored in a different state. I was unsure I could issue a subpoena to someone outside the court's state, but I will try. I appreciate your help.
  12. No, the BOP has not been served a subpoena. They are not seen by the court. Is this something I need to do?
  13. You are correct, I don't know if there is a medical record or not. When I entered a prison, there is a medical interview called intake. The nurse at this intake said I would not get insulin. I got diabetic ketoacidosis and had to be hospitalized. This I believe to be a failure to provide adequate medical care. In total, I have spent over 1 month with diabetic ketoacidosis while in prison, having my constant vomiting ignored, though for this particular prison, it was only a day and a half about of no insulin. I had expected there to be a medical record of this intake interview since it was a medical intake interview. The two defendants are the unknown intake nurse, and the doctor (who I was told was in charge of writing a prescription for me to get insulin). This is in court currently, in discovery. I don't know if that makes any difference on how much I'm allowed to talk about things. I don't know what a subpoena is, so no. The BOP has not likely not been served any subpoena. I did file a tort claim that got denied though.
  14. There are 2 defendants, one is known, one is not. My medical records came from the bureau of prisons, but did not contain any medical records that could be used to identify the unknown defendant. The reason the missing medical records are needed to identify the unknown defendant is I know the exact day and time I interacted with the defendant, but those particular medical records are absent. Since the records are absent, I can't use them to identify the defendant. The defense attorney has stated I need to ask the BOP personally for the records. Already I feel I am going into a bit too much detail since this is a currently running civil trial. Since I am clueless about what I can ask the court to do, I don't know if the court can order expedited processing for an organization not currently a part of the trial. Do I need to start suing the BOP to have the court order the BOP to process the records search faster?