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    cbg reacted to adjusterjack in Death With Dignity Law   
    Buy her a book:
    Stephen Hawking: A Biography
    Might inspire her.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in FedEx Express break policy   
    Yes. They cannot require less than the law allows but they can require more than the law allows.
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    cbg reacted to adjusterjack in Good Example of Illegal Search of Vehicle   
    The bomb always gets defused with one second left on the timer when the star of the show defuses it.

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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Hidden cameras in the workplace   
    From the information you've provided and Jack's links, I would say that assuming there is a camera there at all, which I think is doubtful at best, it is legal. You have no expectation of privacy in your office and while I'm not saying I necessarily approve of the way she is alleged to have gone about it, there is nothing wrong or inappropriate with her checking to confirm you're not working at your other job while on her time. It doesn't matter a whit whether she owns the business or not.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Financial help for prenatal care etc from 6yr relationship that Dad decided to leave from and refuses responsibilities   
    There are no circumstances whatsoever, short of marriage, where the alleged father of a child is going to be held financially responsible for pre-natal expenses, child care equipment, or any other financial expenses prior to the birth. None. In any US state.  Get the idea right out of your head because it's not happening.
    He does not owe a single penny until after the child is born, paternity has been legally established and a court says he does.
    I'm not being cruel, I'm not judging you and I'm not unsympathetic to your situation. What I am doing is what my boss calls "managing expectations". No matter how unfair you may think it is (and I am not disagreeing that it's unfair), it is a fact of law that he has no responsibility for the child of a woman he is not married to until a court says he does, and a court is not going to say he does until after the child is born. There are no exceptions for bad circumstances. It is what it is and you shouldn't waste energy fighting for something you're simply not legally entitled to get. Morally? Maybe. Legally? Not happenin'.
    Keep safe and take care of your health. Everything else will sort itself out in the end.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Is a Nerf Gun a "Firearm Facsimile"?   
    You wouldn't end up under arrest or in jail or in court.
    You could, conceivably, end up on the unemployment line.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Work comp   
    He will still be entitled to have his medical care covered for that injury. However, if he is working at another job, he will not receive any wage replacement since there is nothing to be replaced any more.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in employer will not allow medical retirement after workmans comp injury unless approved for social security   
    Not that it's any of your business, but where I work it would not be to the benefit of the employee to retire early medically, even if it is a work related injury. The employee benefits by still being on the rolls and is entitled to benefits that they would not be entitled to in the event that they retired medically.

    Perhaps that's the case here, too.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Can My Employer Force me to Travel by Air?   
    Tax raises a good point. I am not exactly afraid of flying  but I don't like it, either, and try to avoid it when possible. What I am actually phobic about is having empty space below me and having to SEE that empty space, so I don't do well with bridges, open staircases, or glass elevators either. What allows me to fly is to always get an aisle seat (easy enough since both my husband and my best friend, whom I sometimes travel with, prefer window seats) and keep my focus completely inside the plane. DON'T look out. Bring reading material, knitting, games on a tablet, a sleep mask, whatever will keep your focus limited to a small area inside the plane.
    On the other hand, if it's the enclosed space that's the problem, the above would be the worst thing you could do and you'd want a window seat where you could look out.
    Something to think about.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Can My Employer Force me to Travel by Air?   
    An employer can, however, make flying a condition of continued employment.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Employer obsessed with employee's personal life   
    I completely agree with you that the boss's behavior was inappropriate and unprofessional but if you are determined to leave the sexual harassment out of it then I don't think you've got anything actionable.
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    cbg reacted to MediocreGolfer in Are police automatically called on near-drownings?   
    Thanks guys. I couldn't get a hold of the Chicago Fire Dept. person in charge of this sort of information. (I got his voicemail and his inbox was full.) So I went to my town's fire dept. and talked to a super helpful and knowledgeable fireman. He said in the case of a 911 call, (and he said in the case of near-drownings lifeguards are mandated to call 9-1-1-) the fire dept./paramedics and police are notified simultaneously. But I think the solution to avoiding the police is the paramedics taking the near-drowning victim (a small boy in my story) to the hospital before the police arrive. I ran it by him and he nodded and said, "Load and go." He explained that "time-sensitive patients" don't wait for the police to arrive.
    So I think I'm good with my problem of keeping the police out of it.
    Many many thanks for all the help!
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    cbg reacted to pg1067 in Diving Accident   
    Sure it would have, but the question will be whether it was a reasonable option.  I think pretty much anyone would agree that making an indoor pond at a bar 8-feet deep would be an extreme and unexpected thing to do.  And, as I commented earlier in this thread, no reasonable person would behave so carelessly as to dive head-first into a two foot body of water.  Moreover, and possibly most importantly, what if a person who didn't know how to swim accidentally was pushed into the 8-foot deep indoor pool and drowned?  Making the darn thing 8-feet deep would be far more likely to result in injury or death.
    I'll bottom line it:  if you get any recovery beyond the no-fault medical payment coverage that the bar owner's liability policy presumably had, it will be a stark illustration of everything that is wrong with the tort system in the U.S.
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    cbg got a reaction from wprof in retaliation after reporting abribe attempt   
    It depends on what you mean by "compensation".
    If by compensation you mean lost wages, maybe.
    If by compensation you mean a big judgement against the company with penalties for them and a windfall for you, no.
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    cbg got a reaction from Mcdian in Neighbor allows a person living in a motor home   
    Other than asking him to turn off his porch light earlier, to which he is free to say No, I ask again, in what way is this hurting him?
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    cbg got a reaction from pg1067 in Sick/vacation for salaried employees   
    Yes. Salaried exempt employees MAY be required to use PTO for a partial day. However, there is nothing in either state or Federal law that says salaried exempt employees MUST be required to use PTO for a partial day. Or a full day. I don't agree with your management's decision but it's not a violation of anything except possibly their own policy. There's nothing we can tell you here that you can use to force them to stop the practice.
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    cbg reacted to adjusterjack in appeals and due process requirements in a business setting   
    Let me see if I can clear this up for you.
    1 - You got fired.
    2 - Your employer has an appeal process.
    3 - You appealed by explaining why you shouldn't have been fired.
    4 - Your employer denied your appeal saying that you didn't convince them to rehire you.
    Guess what, bub. You got your "due process." You got whatever the "due process" the employer said it was. That you didn't like the process or the results is unfortunate for you but it's a decision that you are stuck with and need to move on.
    No, I'm not an attorney. But I have been an employee of someone or other for 40 years and I've been fired a few times myself. With that experience I can tell you to come down off your high dudgeon and go find another job. Nothing unconstitutional or illegal happened to you and fair is where you go on rides and eat cotton candy. You've got nowhere to go with this.
    Understand now?
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    cbg got a reaction from Slmln_2014 in Alimony and Divorce   
    I am only qualified to answer questions 5 and 6, and my experience is not in Arkansas.
    5.) In the states for which I am most familiar, which are the New England and Mid-Atlantic states, this happens occasionally but it is the exception rather than the norm. New England and the Mid-Atlantic states tend, overall, to be more generous than Arkansas. If your lawyer says this is not an option, I see no reason to disbelieve him.
    6.) If your husband's insurance is through his employer, it's about 97% certain that you will no longer be eligible for coverage after the divorce is final. Few employers will provide coverage to ex-spouses and for the few that do, there is a tax dis-incentive for the employee to do so. Even the most liberal states do not require coverage for ex-spouses; I live in what is arguably the most liberal state in the nation and my state allows it - it does not require it. If ex-spouses are not eligible dependents under your husband's employer's  rules, a court cannot order them to cover you in violation of their plan  documents, and in the unlikely chance that they are eligible, it will cost your husband more in taxes to cover you after the divorce than before. The tax dis-incentive is Federal, not state, so it doesn't matter if I'm from Arkansas or not.
    I'm sorry to be giving you bad news, but it's as well that you understand from the beginning that you're not likely to either get life insurance or keep dental insurance and that you not continue hoping for something that's got only a very slim chance of ever happening.
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    cbg got a reaction from Slmln_2014 in Eating in Grocery Stores   
    It's not as simple as yes or no. Thus the questions. You may believe you gave enough detail, but you were wrong.
    And some of the responses you got were from attorneys.
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    cbg got a reaction from Slmln_2014 in Eating in Grocery Stores   
    And the problem with you is that you provided no context for your question, thus making it next to impossible for anyone to provide any kind of meaningful response.
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    cbg got a reaction from Familyman85 in Mother Of 2 Arrested On 12/18/18.   
    What do you imagine that a message board can do? 
    Reputable attorneys do not troll message boards looking for clients. You cannot find representation this way.
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    cbg got a reaction from rockwill1066 in Consent from Parent   
    Many hotels will not rent a room to someone under 21, and many more, who might rent to an 18 year old alone, will not rent to an 18 who has a 16 year old  with him. 
    You might also research a little thing called the Mann Act.
    You might also want to consider that her mother does not need to defend her decision to you or anyone else. She can, quite legally, prohibit you from seeing or in any way contacting her daughter, and there is no law you can invoke and no action you can take that will force her to allow it. She is allowed to parent her daughter as she sees fit as long as the daughter is under 18. You, my friend, have no rights under the law whatsoever in this situation. Mom, however, does.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Rumors About My Health   
    You can't logically expect people not notice or be concerned. Human nature is what it is, after all.
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    cbg got a reaction from Mastermason in 911 please help   
    Reputable lawyers do not troll message boards looking for clients and this is not a referral service. You cannot find representation by posting here.
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    cbg got a reaction from MSmithAZdad in Arizona Charter school expulsion   
    Based on what you have posted and after reading the link you provided, here are what I see as the answers to your questions.
    Is my child expelled  Yes   and if so for how long,  Forever   can someone be expelled from a school permanently?  Yes   If my child was expelled and I do what the principle of the charter school told me to and report to the new school that it is a three day suspension, am I lying to them or committing fraud?   You are lying to them, yes. I'm not sure I'd call it fraud. But if the new school is looking for a specific, limited period of time before they will enroll your child in their school and the principal of the old school is nice enough to give you a  means by which you can do so, I'm not sure I'd argue too hard.   Was I tricked into withdrawing my child from school by signing that form?  No. Your child was permanently expelled regardless. The fact that the same form can also be used for a long term suspension does not mean you were tricked.    
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