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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Retirement benefits   
    There is no overall law requiring  that employees be grandfathered on older policies when new policies come into play. There is no answer other than the ones already provided. You are going to need to take all the associated documentation to an attorney in your state who can review them and determine if you are guaranteed these benefits unquestionably or only for the duration that they continue to be offered.
    But please keep in mind; your employer very likely has attorneys of their own who have reviewed these policies before making the announcement. While it's always possible, and definitely worth a look, I would not hold out a lot of hope that your attorney will find some overlooked loophole that will force them to continue these benefits for you while cancelling them for others.
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    cbg got a reaction from Mcdian in Neighbor allows a person living in a motor home   
    So you have to look at her motor home. How is this hurting you?
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Employment Question   
    I don't know whether there is such a law. I do know that no matter what excuse they give you, no school board is obligated to hire you.
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    cbg got a reaction from blackrecluse in Employment Question   
    Changing the law is not something that's going to happen overnight. Even if you were able to find a congress-critter in the LA state Legislature (which is not currently in session) who would be willing to drop everything and give it their full attention right from the get-go, you should be thinking in terms of months if not years, rather than days or weeks.

    The fact that they suggested you look into finding out about the law and the possibility of it being changed, rather than them doing it themselves, only says to me even more clearly that they are not really interested in hiring you but are trying to let you down gently. If they REALLY wanted to hire you and felt that the only block to doing so was this law, they have legal counsel that could clear up the matter far more quickly and expeditiously.
    No employer is obligated to hire you.
    In the meantime, you might want to make yourself familiar with this: 
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    cbg reacted to pg1067 in Employee Bathroom Breaks   
    I completely disagree that you'd have legal liability, but you could get fired.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in New Telecommuter Policy   
    Just remember that telecommuting is a privilege and not a right. No employer has to allow it.
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    cbg got a reaction from pg1067 in Petition for Legitimation?   
    What kind of idiots were you both, PLANNING an unmarried pregnancy while you were still in high school?  Way to completely screw up your lives, bud.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Relationship Status Discrimination   
    It is, in fact, becoming rather common for an employer to provide a financial incentive for an employee to go on a spouse's/partner's/parents insurer instead. My employer does not do so, but I am regularly asked if we do (I work in the Benefits office) by people who have had such a benefit in the past.
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    cbg got a reaction from Auron in State: Colorado - Being requred to sign invasive information disclosure contract by employer   
    That's right. I'm wondering if they're a small company who has only just reached the size to file an EEO-1 report and is woefully ignorant as to how to go about it. I remember the first time I had to complete one, wondering how I was supposed to provide numbers of employees with characteristics I am prohibited from asking about.
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    cbg got a reaction from pg1067 in Jr verse Sr mix up!   
    Then find a way to explain it that makes sense to people who don't know the situation.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Serious Security Violation @ Hotel Check In??   
    The hotel has no reason to believe that you DON'T know her, if she comes to the desk and identifies herself as being with your party.
    This is not on the hotel. This is on your "friend".
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in divorce of disabled spouse   
    I can't tell you about rights that don't exist. You don't have the right to force your wife to stay with you, and that seems to be the only right you care about. 
    Here's a solution for you that took me exactly ten seconds on Google to find:
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in divorce of disabled spouse   
    My explaining the law to you does not necessarily reflect my views or sense of moral responsibility. I can tell you what a horrible person she is for doing this to you and how badly you are being treated all day long, but it still won't create a law that will criminalize her actions or force her to stay and care for you. What I would do does not necessarily reflect what the law compels her to do.
    In other words, don't shoot the messenger. 
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    cbg got a reaction from pg1067 in Use Batman slapping Robin image on flyer?   
    Band kid parents unite!
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Unsafe working environment   
    Charlotte, you do not appear in the current database for Harvard employees (active, terminated, and retired) which means you are either lying or have been gone from Harvard since prior to 2002 and are collecting no benefits from the university including retirement benefits. And while I only have access to the current database from home, I do have access to the records from prior to 2002 when I return to work on Monday. Rather odd for an Emerita, wouldn't you say?

    Just thought I'd let you know that.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Unsafe working environment   
    I am an HR professional also and I didn't bother trying to read your post because a single huge block of text with no white space and minimally punctuated is too hard to read. When you are asking for free advice from volunteers it behooves you to make it possible for them to read your question. I'd rather put my time into answering questions I don't have to ruin my eyes to finish.
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    cbg reacted to adjusterjack in Death With Dignity Law   
    When I first got my hearing aids I was amazed at the sound of my feet on gravel, the sound of the wind, and peeing sounded like Niagara Falls.
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    cbg reacted to adjusterjack in Death With Dignity Law   
    Buy her a book:
    Stephen Hawking: A Biography
    Might inspire her.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in FedEx Express break policy   
    Yes. They cannot require less than the law allows but they can require more than the law allows.
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    cbg reacted to adjusterjack in Good Example of Illegal Search of Vehicle   
    The bomb always gets defused with one second left on the timer when the star of the show defuses it.

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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Hidden cameras in the workplace   
    From the information you've provided and Jack's links, I would say that assuming there is a camera there at all, which I think is doubtful at best, it is legal. You have no expectation of privacy in your office and while I'm not saying I necessarily approve of the way she is alleged to have gone about it, there is nothing wrong or inappropriate with her checking to confirm you're not working at your other job while on her time. It doesn't matter a whit whether she owns the business or not.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Financial help for prenatal care etc from 6yr relationship that Dad decided to leave from and refuses responsibilities   
    There are no circumstances whatsoever, short of marriage, where the alleged father of a child is going to be held financially responsible for pre-natal expenses, child care equipment, or any other financial expenses prior to the birth. None. In any US state.  Get the idea right out of your head because it's not happening.
    He does not owe a single penny until after the child is born, paternity has been legally established and a court says he does.
    I'm not being cruel, I'm not judging you and I'm not unsympathetic to your situation. What I am doing is what my boss calls "managing expectations". No matter how unfair you may think it is (and I am not disagreeing that it's unfair), it is a fact of law that he has no responsibility for the child of a woman he is not married to until a court says he does, and a court is not going to say he does until after the child is born. There are no exceptions for bad circumstances. It is what it is and you shouldn't waste energy fighting for something you're simply not legally entitled to get. Morally? Maybe. Legally? Not happenin'.
    Keep safe and take care of your health. Everything else will sort itself out in the end.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Is a Nerf Gun a "Firearm Facsimile"?   
    You wouldn't end up under arrest or in jail or in court.
    You could, conceivably, end up on the unemployment line.
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    cbg got a reaction from hr for me in Work comp   
    He will still be entitled to have his medical care covered for that injury. However, if he is working at another job, he will not receive any wage replacement since there is nothing to be replaced any more.
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