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  1. Tax raises a good point. I am not exactly afraid of flying but I don't like it, either, and try to avoid it when possible. What I am actually phobic about is having empty space below me and having to SEE that empty space, so I don't do well with bridges, open staircases, or glass elevators either. What allows me to fly is to always get an aisle seat (easy enough since both my husband and my best friend, whom I sometimes travel with, prefer window seats) and keep my focus completely inside the plane. DON'T look out. Bring reading material, knitting, games on a tablet, a sleep mask, whatever will keep your focus limited to a small area inside the plane. On the other hand, if it's the enclosed space that's the problem, the above would be the worst thing you could do and you'd want a window seat where you could look out. Something to think about.
  2. An employer can, however, make flying a condition of continued employment.
  3. Do you have actual evidence that your former employer has told anyone that you are a thief?
  4. When you say, untrue events, are you saying that she is saying things happened that didn't happen at all, or that her version of what happened does not match yours? Let me give an example of what I mean. You come into her office, you're thinking about something and by accident walk into a chair. The chair falls over. Your version is that you walked into a chair and it fell over. Are you saying that her notes say, a.) Jane knocked over a chair or b.) Jane picked up the chair and threw it across the room?
  5. It's not his option whether to get booked or not. He can cooperate or not as he chooses, but in the end he WILL be processed and booked. Lack of cooperation can result in additional charges.
  6. You're assuming that because he changed or added to the story, that means that the information changed or added is being considered in the determination. You should not make that assumption.
  7. Of course he can change his story. So can you. That doesn't mean the UI office is going to pay any attention to anything but the initially provided information. And who would you report it to? The UI commission can see that the story changed even more easily than you can. You may rest assured that they will take any action that is necessary.
  8. You do that. Be sure to give them more information than you gave us.
  9. And did they give a reason? The ADA does not say that they have to give you what you want.
  10. On the contrary, if you are relying on the ADA, the responsibility is on the disabled person to request accommodation. It is not up to the entity to assume an accommodation is needed, or to assume what accommodation is required. It is up to you to make your specific needs known.
  11. And when you asked for additional time what did they say? You did ask for it, right? You didn't just assume that telling them you had a disability meant they had to automatically grant more time without being asked?
  12. What kind of help did you require and what did they say when you asked for it?
  13. My point is that only an attorney in your state who has personally viewed all the relevant documentation can say whether it is enforceable or not.
  14. When you showed the covenant not to compete to a local attorney in your state, what did that attorney say?
  15. Patients are often restricted in which physicians they can see. Ask anyone whose coverage is with an HMO.
  16. I'm betting that your attorneys did not take the case on contingency.
  17. I used to subscribe to one that sent monthly updates. I'll see if it's still around.
  18. I'm sure your insurance company's lawyers know the answer to these questions.
  19. Yes, different colleges can use different criteria to determine in-state residency. Your green card indicates that you are a legal resident of the US, but does not automatically confer legal residence in California.
  20. It is 100% legal in all 50 states for an employer to "discriminate" based on geography.
  21. Criminal records are for life. Nothing "falls off" them. Even an expungement only limits who can see the record and does not make it go away. However, Hawaii offers multiple protections to job applicants who have criminal records; employers cannot run a criminal check until after they've made a conditional offer of employment; they may only consider criminal records that have a relationship to the job in determining whether to rescind the offer and they can only consider crimes within the past ten years (which may be where "someone" got their mistaken idea that they fall off your record). So don't go applying for jobs where you'd need to drive and you should be more or less okay. At least if you get turned down, it will be for other reasons. I did not investigate school programs but it stands to reason a similar protection may exist - someone else may have that info.
  22. What did HR say when you told them about it? (Or whatever is the equivalent to HR at your location)
  23. What did the JAG office say when you asked them?
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