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  1. While firing you for parking in a public parking lot may be silly, it is not illegal and you would not be able to sue.
  2. None of it is illegal. It would not be worth a lawsuit and you would not receive a penny since no laws are being violated. The only way this would violate any laws would be if minimum wage was raised by either your state legislation or an act of Congress, and your current wage is below the new minimum. In that case, he would be required to give you enough of a raise to bring you to the new minimum (though not a penny more) and you could file a wage claim if he did not.
  3. Unless DCS takes her out of the home, what Mom says goes.
  4. Damn it, I hate it when that happens. (My answer still applies, however)
  5. If Mom is now withdrawing the permission for her to live somewhere else, then that's the ball game. As long as she is under 18, she lives where Mom says she lives. If Mom says she lives with you, then she lives with you. If Mom says she lives with Aunt Susan, then she lives with Aunt Susan. If Mom says she lives at home, then she lives at home. The cops do not have a say in the matter and neither do you. Nor does your assessment about who is "causing the drama" carry any legal weight. Mom holds all the cards here.
  6. Reporting the violation to the DOL comes to mind.
  7. cbg

    Traffic stop

    And yes there are laws which prevent a person from walking up to someone and striking up a conversation even if they are not restraining the person in the process. Put your money where your mouth is. Post a link to such a statute.
  8. A 14 year old living in California is being forced out of her home Why? To go where? by adoptive parents Court ordered adoption? Or foster parents? Or friends of the family? Or what? if she refuse´╗┐s With few exceptions, a 14 year old does not have the right to refuse what she is told to do by her parents or legal guardians. What is she refusing to do, why, and what is the alternative she proposes instead? she will be put into a group home What kind of a group home? I could ask for more details if necessary Since you have provided no meaningful information more details will surely be necessary if you expect any kind of a response but would request an answer soon please An answer to what? I can think of at least three questions you might be asking and we have no way of knowing which, if any of them, you mean.
  9. Yep. Got that one in one. (That's one of my favorite movies but the ending is kind of a cheat. (On the other hand, that's not how the novel ended.) )
  10. Speaking as a writer, that's possibly one of the best examples of the deus ex machina since the T-Rex suddenly appeared to distract the velociraptors. allowing Alan, Ellie and the children to escape in the last scene of Jurassic Park. If I make speak plainly, relying on the deus ex machina is a sign of a poor writer, with all due respect to Messrs. Crichton and Koepp.
  11. I just answered this for you on another forum but you haven't had time to see it yet. There isn't enough information to say conclusively if you were or weren't. However, I find the timing of your termination suspicious. It can't hurt to run it by an employment attorney or the EEOC.
  12. What would prevent a group from declaring a criminal act to be a religious practice to avoid any laws prohibiting it?
  13. Sam, what you need to realize is that you do not decide what hours you work; your employer does, and that includes breaks.
  14. Yes. They cannot require less than the law allows but they can require more than the law allows.
  15. I do not disagree with any of the above but I do want to take it one step further; if grandmom and granddad want to put the minor grandchildren on their health insurance, it is unlikely that a POA will be enough; a guardianship will likely be required.
  16. Hi Al, What state is your story taking place in? The kinds of questions you're asking now would be state-specific. cbg (another writer who has asked for help on these forums )
  17. From the information you've provided and Jack's links, I would say that assuming there is a camera there at all, which I think is doubtful at best, it is legal. You have no expectation of privacy in your office and while I'm not saying I necessarily approve of the way she is alleged to have gone about it, there is nothing wrong or inappropriate with her checking to confirm you're not working at your other job while on her time. It doesn't matter a whit whether she owns the business or not.
  18. The other option is that the boss lied to her. I don't have enough information to say if it's legal or not. I'm leaning towards yes. But at this point I see no reason to assume the cameras are there at all.
  19. So, you're getting this third hand? You're sure no one is just trying to upset you?
  20. No matter how you slice it, there's not much to choose between the two of them. Neither of them is fit to hold any office or title.
  21. Video only or audio too? How do you know it is there? How do you know who placed it?
  22. There is nothing in the law that says all employees have to be treated the same or given the same benefits; the law only says that differences in treatment cannot be based on a characteristic protected by law. Union membership is not, for the purpose of this discussion, a characteristic protected by law.
  23. I'm old enough to remember Bundy's trial(s). I'm betting he loved the attention.
  24. cbg


    And it's the CE college's fault that you made a bad investment because...?
  25. If you're looking to advertise your firm, contacting the owners and paying the advertising rates is a better way of doing it than posting to a five year old thread with information that does not apply in the original poster's state. California law does not fly in Nebraska.
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