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  1. cbg

    Lunch laws

    Okay. I'm going to give you a bit of a reality check here. This is not meant unkindly and it's not that I don't understand your concerns. But I'm giving it to you straight. You can complain to the principal or the school board or the superintendent about what happened; that is your right and I don't blame you. However, they are never going to tell you whether they fired the lunch lady, put a letter in her file, read her the riot act and sent her back to work, or did absolutely nothing and ignored you. It is NOT your right under the law to be told what action they took against her, or even if they took action against her. I wouldn't like it if it were my kids either. But the reality is - you will never know what they did with your complaint.
  2. cbg

    Lunch laws

    I am asking this for a reason. Your answer may affect what I suggest you do. What is your end goal here? What is it that you are ultimately trying to accomplish? What result would satisfy you that justice was served?
  3. It depends on what you mean by "compensation". If by compensation you mean lost wages, maybe. If by compensation you mean a big judgement against the company with penalties for them and a windfall for you, no.
  4. cbg

    Lunch laws

    Who did the snatching? Where did your son's get the lunches (school provided or brought from home)? What are the school district rules on lunch balances?
  5. Your state requires employers to allow you access to your personnel files for up to 60 days after termination and to have a copy on request. However, I have to agree with Jack (and the BOLI) that nothing you have described sounds like any form of illegal harassment. The employer MAY charge you for the cost of duplicating the file and you do not have the right to demand they revise or remove anything unless you are a public safety officer.
  6. cbg

    Desperately need help

    You cannot be fired BECAUSE you filed a workers comp claim. But filing a workers comp claim doesn't make you bulletproof, either. You can still be fired for anything anything an employee who didn't file a workers comp claim can be fired for. Why should someone who filed a workers comp claim be able to violate rules, or policy, and keep their job when someone who didn't file a claim gets fired for the same violation?
  7. Since it's been well over a week since anyone posted at all, maybe you're the one who needs to move on... Just sayin'.
  8. Lisa, if I may offer some advice, maybe you already did it this way but I recommend that you reach out to these lawyers by phone, not by email. I am seeing considerable evidence of illegal discrimination in your post but attorneys are more likely to respond to phone calls than emails. If you're already contacting them by phone disregard me.
  9. cbg

    Sick/vacation for salaried employees

    Yes. Salaried exempt employees MAY be required to use PTO for a partial day. However, there is nothing in either state or Federal law that says salaried exempt employees MUST be required to use PTO for a partial day. Or a full day. I don't agree with your management's decision but it's not a violation of anything except possibly their own policy. There's nothing we can tell you here that you can use to force them to stop the practice.
  10. cbg

    Sick/vacation for salaried employees

    Okay, it wasn't clear to me that your HR manager is permitting this. While I think it's a bad precedent, it's also not a violation of any laws. If your management team has decided to permit this, it may be a expensive lesson for them to eventually learn, but they MAY permit it; they just don't HAVE to permit it.
  11. cbg

    Sick/vacation for salaried employees

    You're letting the tail wag the dog here. The employee should not be telling you, "I answered this email so I will not take sick time" - you should be telling the employee" You called in sick; therefore you will be taking sick time and you will not be answering any emails, and you WILL BE disciplined if you disobey". Then discipline her if she disobeys.
  12. cbg

    Diving Accident

    Given that the OP is in Florida I wonder what your point is.
  13. cbg

    Sick leave

    Yes, they do. Particularly if it is a paid sick leave.
  14. Your threats have been reported to the moderators.