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  1. cbg

    Undocumented person as volunteer worker

    No, I asked how the poster knew that the volunteer/employee was undocumented. If the answer is that he is the employer and knows it from e-Verify or some other reputable source, fine. But if he is a co-worker who is making an assumption based on the volunteer/other employee's country of origin or primary language (and I have seen that assumption made, incorrectly, many times) that's a different kettle of fish whatsoever.
  2. cbg

    Undocumented person as volunteer worker

    A question for you - how do you know that the person is undocumented?
  3. What "accommodation" do you feel they should have provided? Were they supposed to move the class? Move the vet tech program to another building? What do you think they should have done?
  4. cbg

    marriage never registered in usa

    Doesn't matter if you were married and/or divorced in Denmark or Mexico or Japan or Uganda or the Fiji Islands. If it's valid in the location where it transpired, it's valid in the US.
  5. Why did you not report it as a work-related injury at the time that it happened? Or when you called in?
  6. cbg

    Wrongful Termination

    What you have described does not meet the legal definition of a wrongful termination.
  7. cbg

    Insurance and taxes

    You may add your daughter to your insurance during your employer's annual open enrollment period as long as there is nothing in the custody agreement that says otherwise. It will not affect your cousin's taxes in any way if you do. Whether it would be cost effective to add your daughter to your coverage is another matter.
  8. cbg

    Paid Time for Company Issue

    Nonetheless, regardless of the reason you were not working, you didn't work, and therefore are not entitled to be paid. There is no "I would have worked but my equipment was defective" right to wages in the FLSA. I understand it wasn't your fault. I understand you would have worked if the equipment hadn't gone down. I understand that you can't afford to lose the pay. I understand that you had no control over the length of time it took to fix the problem. None of that changes the fact that under neither Federal nor Florida law are you entitled to be paid for this time.
  9. cbg

    Paid Time for Company Issue

    So...what work did you do that you feel you should be paid for?
  10. cbg

    Paid Time for Company Issue

    What did you do with your time while you were waiting for IT to evaluate your system?
  11. cbg

    Theft of Wages

    If, at the end of the week, you are paid at least minimum wage times the number of hours you worked (plus overtime if applicable) the law will assume you have been paid correctly. The law doesn't care what you might have earned if your employer's internal formula had been applied differently - only what you actually are paid. However, the law does care about travel time, up to a point. You do not have to be paid for time from home to your first stop of the day, or time from the last stop of the day home. You do have to be paid for travel time between stations during the work day. In your state, the only break that is required is a 30 minute unpaid lunch break if you work 6 hours or more in the day.
  12. cbg

    Termination: Letter

    Okay, let's be clear. 1.) Unless WARN applies, no employer in NJ (or any other state) is required to give an employee notice (in the sense of time, such as two week's notice) that they are being let go. Anyone with a modicum of common sense ought to be able to figure out why not. If you can't, I'll provide you with some horror stories from a former employer who didn't have a modicum of common sense and whose mess I had to clean up. 2.) Unless a legally binding and enforceable CBA or contract expressly states otherwise, no NJ employer is required to give an employee who is being fired a reason for the termination. "Mr or Ms Employee, after today your services are not longer required; please leave the premises and don't slam the door on your way out" is all that is necessary. For the nitpickers among us, I will acknowledge that there are such requirements as COBRA notices or notices regarding the termination of other benefits. If that is what the OP wants to discuss I am happy to do so.
  13. cbg

    How do I subpoena from Facebook's server ?

    You don't. Your lawyer does. It is not a DIY project.
  14. cbg

    Defamation of character

    In which case it was up to the person who was there to ask him to stop and no, you were not in the right to tell him to.
  15. cbg

    Defamation of character

    So, why didn't you go hold the flashlight or find the supplies?