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  1. Don't hold your breath waiting to see it happen in an unemployment setting. Don't miss the part where RetiredinVA said IN SOME CIRCUMSTANCES.
  2. And maybe you don't. If this is related to a merger or acquisition of some sort, the employer may give you what he honestly believes will be the package at this time but find that it has to change due to circumstances beyond his control. Not to mention the fact that it's just as likely that a change will favor you as not.
  3. An unemployment hearing is not a court hearing and is not a court of law. If you believed that it was, you were mistaken. It is understood by the UI examiner, up front, that either party might be lying. It is rare to the point of being unheard of for any legal action to be taken against either party in an unemployment claim because of a changed story.
  4. A wrongful termination does not mean that he was fired for something he didn't do; it means he was fired in violation of a law that prohibits the employer from firing him for the reason he did. If the employer found the joke inappropriate, your husband can be fired for telling it even if the guy he told found it funny and did not object.
  5. Posting on a thread that has been closed for months or years is a violation of most message board etiquette.
  6. The OP hasn't been back to this thread for over a year now.
  7. They aren't required to allow you to sleep off the migraine on private property (the gas station) either.
  8. There is no overall law requiring that employees be grandfathered on older policies when new policies come into play. There is no answer other than the ones already provided. You are going to need to take all the associated documentation to an attorney in your state who can review them and determine if you are guaranteed these benefits unquestionably or only for the duration that they continue to be offered. But please keep in mind; your employer very likely has attorneys of their own who have reviewed these policies before making the announcement. While it's always possible, and definitely worth a look, I would not hold out a lot of hope that your attorney will find some overlooked loophole that will force them to continue these benefits for you while cancelling them for others.
  9. Employers in New Mexico are not required to provide a reason for a termination unless so required by union CBA or contract.
  10. Yes, this is legal. Google, at-will employment. (Even in the one state where at-will employment is not the default, this termination would be legal.) Very few states require an employer to give you a reason for your termination at all, let alone one in writing. Since you failed to indicate what state you are in, I can't tell you if you are in one of the few.
  11. It is legal because there is no law requiring all tenants of the same building to have the same lease.
  12. Punctuation is your friend...
  13. If the UE office is refusing to process your claim then there is some factor that we are not aware of because it is absolutely untrue that you cannot receive unemployment until you separate from your employer. I don't care what state you are in; people on seasonal leave or unpaid administrative leave get UE benefits every day.
  14. "You may be denied benefits" is not the same as "You are prohibited from filing a claim". It does not say you WILL be denied benefits.
  15. That's not something a message board can provide. Certainly we don't know what the lawyers are seeing that you do not. I can't say that I thought you had a particularly strong case for anything in your initial thread but we can't make a lawyer talk to you and reputable lawyers do not troll message boards looking for clients. You can try calling your state Bar Association, your local Legal Aide or any law schools in your area for additional referrals.
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