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  1. Yep, that's what I thought. The conditions aren't bad enough to report unless it means you get to have things the way you want them.
  2. Until a court says she is not a fit parent and legal custody taken away from her, she is a fit parent and she maintains custody, even if she is temporarily being allowed to live elsewhere. You are free to report the living conditions to CPS, but if she is removed from the home by CPS she won't be allowed to live with you; she will either be placed with other relatives or put in foster care/a group home. So now comes the test; is it bad enough to report if doing so means she doesn't live with Mom, but doesn't live with you either? Or is it only bad enough to report if she stays with you?
  3. Let's put it this way. She may end up having to go back and live with Mom even WITH a lawyer. WITHOUT a lawyer, you haven't got a prayer. You do realize that if Mom says her daughter comes home, and your parents do not immediately send her there, they could go to jail, right?
  4. No, as a matter of fact. As long as she is under the age of 18, she lives where her mother says she lives. If mom says it' okay to live with your family, then she can live with your family. But the minute mom says Come Home, then she Comes Home.
  5. Then contact him offline.. Don't reopen a thread that's been inactive for months to complain about someone's manner to a third party.
  6. Well, of course it won't do any good if you don't try. Seriously, this is something that's going to be taken care of by a lawyer or not at all.
  7. On the basis of the available facts, it is not absolutely clear that your employer was wrong, to be honest. FMLA is not a blanket protection that makes you bulletproof. There are situations in which it is absolutely legal to term someone after, or even during, their FMLA leave. In addition to the questions doucar has asked, I would also want to know if other employees were laid off at the same time you were.
  8. You have not provided anything remotely close to enough information for us to evaluate if you have any kind of legal recourse, so I can only reiterate the above poster's suggestion - talk to a lawyer.
  9. I want to be sure we're clear. It says IN THE LEASE, specifically, that the landlord is responsible for the electric bill? It's spelled out?
  10. CPS is unlikely to come calling unless a report is made OR there is reason to believe that a child is in danger. If you are living with other relatives and there is no reason to think you are in immediate danger, there's no reason for them to come by. The goal of CPS is not to separate families, but to keep them together as much as possible. If you are safe with your grandmother, they're not going to upset things unnecessarily.
  11. Who is supposed to pay your electric bill according to your lease?
  12. What makes you think your detention was illegal?
  13. In the circumstances you are describing, it is about 99.8% certain that you will have IC's and not employees, and the only reason I'm not saying 100% is that I don't like superlatives. It's the totality of evidence that determines IC vs. employee, not any one point.
  14. You have far fewer privacy rights in the workplace than you may think. We could go into all the whys and the wherefores but the bottom line is, while I agree with you that it was not handled well, no confidentiality laws (or, for that matter, any other laws) were violated here.