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  1. cbg

    Attorney Negligence

    I couldn't read that whole thing (hint for next time - white space is your friend) but I do know that the other guy's attorney does not owe you any consideration. His duty is to his client, not to you.
  2. cbg

    Vacation contract

    Only a North Dakota attorney can tell you if what you have is a legally binding contract or not.
  3. cbg

    Vacation contract

    When you showed this contract to an attorney in your unnamed state, what did that attorney say?
  4. Specifically what is it that you are trying to accomplish?
  5. cbg

    Against Free Will

    Without your friend's express, written, explicit consent, it would have been illegal for the doctor to contact you or her mother about the transfer.
  6. cbg

    Permanent No-Contact Order Hearing

    Please, please get yourself into counseling to find out why eight years later you are still allowing this to bother you so much. This obsession is not healthy.
  7. cbg

    Election Fraud

    As Ms. Clinton lost anyway, what's your point?
  8. cbg

    Hypothetical question

    I think you're misunderstanding. If there is a claim of conspiracy to defraud Amy lodged against Ben and Cindy, and later the charges against Cindy are dismissed, but not Ben, it's still possible to prosecute Ben for fraud against Amy but there cannot be a conspiracy charge because it takes more than one person to conspire. Sorry, Tax's post was not there yet when I responded.
  9. cbg

    Rumors About My Health

    You can't logically expect people not notice or be concerned. Human nature is what it is, after all.
  10. cbg

    Rumors About My Health

    The bottom line here is that based on what you have described, no laws are being violated. If you have more detail, it is POSSIBLE but not for sure, that the answer may change.
  11. That's a question only your own HR or Benefits office can answer. In 49 out of 50 states and sometimes in the 50th, when the coverage comes to an end is determined by your plan document, which none of us have read. In my experience, which is close to 40 years worth, it is about 50/50; either coming to an end on the last day of your employment OR coming to an end on the last day of the month in which your employment ends. But one thing that will NOT happen. Your employer will NOT continue your coverage until you have made your COBRA elections. Your coverage will be terminated on whichever of the above dates (last day of employment or last day of the month) and then, when and if you elect COBRA, it will be reinstated, retroactively so that you do not have a gap in coverage. If you have to go out of pocket for any medical bills, you will be able to be reimbursed after your COBRA is implemented. But do not expect your employer to keep your coverage in place until you've made your COBRA decision.
  12. cbg

    911 please help

    Reputable lawyers do not troll message boards looking for clients and this is not a referral service. You cannot find representation by posting here.
  13. cbg

    Arizona Charter school expulsion

    Then respond truthfully and see what happens. Admittedly I only looked quickly. But what I saw said that minutes shall be posted IF THERE IS A HEARING, not that there must be a hearing.
  14. cbg

    Arizona Charter school expulsion

    Based on what you have posted and after reading the link you provided, here are what I see as the answers to your questions. Is my child expelled Yes and if so for how long, Forever can someone be expelled from a school permanently? Yes If my child was expelled and I do what the principle of the charter school told me to and report to the new school that it is a three day suspension, am I lying to them or committing fraud? You are lying to them, yes. I'm not sure I'd call it fraud. But if the new school is looking for a specific, limited period of time before they will enroll your child in their school and the principal of the old school is nice enough to give you a means by which you can do so, I'm not sure I'd argue too hard. Was I tricked into withdrawing my child from school by signing that form? No. Your child was permanently expelled regardless. The fact that the same form can also be used for a long term suspension does not mean you were tricked.
  15. cbg

    Undocumented person as volunteer worker

    No, I asked how the poster knew that the volunteer/employee was undocumented. If the answer is that he is the employer and knows it from e-Verify or some other reputable source, fine. But if he is a co-worker who is making an assumption based on the volunteer/other employee's country of origin or primary language (and I have seen that assumption made, incorrectly, many times) that's a different kettle of fish whatsoever.