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  1. cbg


    The records will be held by whoever took over the practice. If no one took over the practice, they could be anywhere but most likely in storage somewhere. if the injury was not work related, then the workers comp doctor would have nothing to do with it.
  2. cbg


    MPN = ??? Medical provider network? Something else? How are you using the acronym here?
  3. cbg

    Diving Accident

    "Looking into it" is a very, very long way from actually winning any lawsuits. Meanwhile, you're paying for every hour they "look into it" even if when they are finished "looking into it" they say, "Sorry kid, you've got no case". And yes, that could and very well might happen.
  4. cbg


    There are probably as many reasons as there are employers.
  5. cbg

    Over paid time.

    The law does not require that you be paid for lunch at all, as long as you are relieved of all duties. Were you?
  6. What does it go on to say the penalties will be if you break the contract?
  7. IMO, the most likely scenario is that PayrollHRGuy's suggestion is correct.
  8. cbg


    It could. But that''s could, not would. It is possible; it is not guaranteed.
  9. cbg


    Sometimes, it's just because they don't want to get into an argument with the employee about the reasons.
  10. cbg

    Proof of Hours Works

    Let's start with this. What makes you think you're misclassified as exempt? (I'm not saying you're wrong - just asking for specifics.) That will help in determining the next logical steps.
  11. cbg

    Proof of Hours Works

    In 49 out of 50 states, including yours, you don't have to prove what time you worked; the employer has to prove you didn't work the time you say you did.
  12. cbg

    What are my rights

    If you get paid under the table there's not a lot you can do. That is, unless you're willing to pay your taxes like anyone else. But any action you take is going to bring you to the attention of the authorities. If you want to stay under the radar and welsh on your taxes, there's no entity you can report the employer to.
  13. cbg

    Exempt employee

    There are close to 100 different exempt categories (though when most people refer to exempt they mean the so-called "white collar" categories) and the ability to hire and fire is required for only one of them. If you manage that many people it's a pretty good bet that you are exempt, regardless of whether you can hire and fire.
  14. Signing a write up does not mean you agree you did wrong; it means you have been advised of management's view on the matter. Refusal to sign is grounds for termination. If you are a non-exempt employee and you have worked overtime that you have not been paid for, you have recourse (though what the best recourse would be is determined by your state, which you did not indicate. Many if not most teachers, however, are exempt employees and there are no circumstance whatsoever in which exempt employees are due a single penny of overtime even if they work 168 hours per week.
  15. cbg

    Wrongful lease termination

    Regardless of which is more likely, the point is that neither of you should have had to google anything.