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  1. this findlaw board is suspicious, always trying to protect the defendant and police.
  2. hi, police dismissed, thats why "suspect police is corrupted" victim sued, thats why "revenge on victim" happened.
  3. Inglewood police filed the police report and took the evidence, but never worked on it before this case was dismissed as "coworker push each other" . It was suspected the assault was an orchestrated crime by the white male manager (60-70 years old) who tried to sexually take advantage of the victim( young female worker) but failed. After rejection of a ridiculous "relationship" , things like assault, wrongful termination, lost driver license (mailed to this hotel), secretly cut open luggage… happened to the victim. After a law suit (which later turned out to be a setup by all parties towards victim) further information was obtained illegally which caused loss of legal status, destroyed credits….etc to the victim. Basically the criminals are like dogs chasing after the victim to destroy everything in her life, with an intention to kick her out of the country so that these criminals could sleep well at night, and more women could become their new victims.
  4. Clearly I have tried findlaw find attorney service already and got no help at all. That's why i'm here. Yes, california.
  5. Hi, how to contact you? Are you attorney?
  6. I do not know who can help me.
  7. Because this case involved everthing such as, sexual harrassment, assault, wrongful termination, workplace injury, descrimination etc.
  8. I was mistreated by Inglewood police (they took my evidence and never returned it; they filed police report but purposely put down the case... ...) and defendant and my ex-attorney (they did a poor job (if they ever "did" anything) except set me up with defendant and its attorney). I want to appeal and go to court. Let me know if you could help. Please show me there is still justice in America.
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