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  1. Swimming pools are usually one of the key features of a hotel that the guests, especially those with children, really look for. However most hotel pool and spas have no lifeguard on duty and generally post a highly visible sign that warns all guest that they are “Swimming at Own Risk!” You are the owner/operator of a franchise hotel under the Marriott brand. You have a guest who was in the pool area with his family, experiences a cramp and begins to drown. His family members finally pull him from the pool with the help of other guests in the area. He was unconscious for over 10 minutes and as a result has medical complications that make him unable to work anymore. When the accident was investigated, it was noted that the emergency phone by the pool was not working which delay getting EMT help. There was no hook pole in the area when it should have been, because the maintenance man removed it earlier due to the fact he had seen several children of the guest using as a play object and trying to grab other children in the pool with it. Therefore he removed in in the concerns of them injuring themselves or others. What possible types of Negligence might the hotel be dealing with in this case?Does the hotel have any valid defense arguments such as the warning sign being posted?What possible claims would the family have?
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