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  1. So my husband and I are moving out of our apartment and I'm concerned about some things our landlord may charge us with and I want to find out about our rights We live in a house where the upstairs has an apartment and the downstairs has an apartment. We have 2 dogs which were allowed, we paid pet rent, a pet deposit for them and the landlord knows about them. The people who lived in the apartment before us had a dog, the people who lived downstairs had a dog and the people who lived there before them had 2 dogs. We live in Utah and the landlord is in California so he doesn't come by very often. A month ago his wife dropped by to "inspect" the unit (she just walked through. Took a total of about 30 seconds - she had no idea what she was doing). A week later our landlord contacted us and said that she said it smelled very strongly of urine and he said the smell is going downstairs to the apartment below because it is in the vents and this is all from our dogs. He told us not to get the carpets cleaned because he wants to replace the carpets because they are very old, but that he would want us to pay to replace the carpet padding. A month later he came and inspected our apartment and said the smell was a lot better. I don't know how he could know this since he was not the one who inspected the apartment before. Also, we did nothing to clean the carpets or remove the odors since we suspected it was all BS in the first place. Some people moved in downstairs last week who have 2 cats and the smell of cat has started to spread throughout the unit over the past week. We notified the landlord of this. We've never noticed a smell in the apartment, though we recognize that this could be that we're used to it, but we've asked guests and they've said they've never noticed it. If he decides to push the issue, how can we prove whether or not there is or is not a smell? How can the landlord prove that any pet smells come from just our dogs since there have long been dogs in the apartment? Is it possible that he'll blame us for the cat smell? What counts as normal wear and tear since the carpet is very old and dirty as is? Can he charge us for replacing the padding? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
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