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  1. Who determines how much you pay in arrears once your monthly obligations are done. No longer owe monthly obligation just arrears.
  2. I recently had a child to graduate from H.S in the state of Louisiana. I reside in the state of Texas. I been paying my monthly obligation for years. But however during the time of Hurricane Katrina I was out of work and obtain some arrears. Of course the state of La. penalized me for that time. The arrears is in the state of La.hands and my child will mot be receiving any of the momies because she is withdrawn from me paying anymore child support obligations. Remind I'm not a La.resident but Texas. My question is am I obligated to pay the state of La. Retribution or arrears on monies that goes to the state and not my child. I'm not a residency of that state.
  3. To reply to the helpful answers is. The type of loan is a lender from a finance company (Moore Finance) out of the state of Louisiana. For a riding lawn mower. Also the finance company according to my credit report 2015 charged this acct.off in 2013 but however sent me a letter to be sued for more than what the loan was given.Help
  4. Contacted Consumer Credit Commission in Dallas Texas who advised me that my primary lender from the state of louisiana is not registered or licensed to do business in the state of Texas where I reside. Lender sent me a letter 4 years later threatning to sue me if I did not respond in 30 days. Can I contest this issue of not being registered in my state or should I make contact with lender...confused.
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