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  1. I've been on probation for 9 months, paid everything off and was suppose to be off March 20th. I got a violation in the mail stating I missed a test on the 23rd. When I called my probation officer to talk to her about what was going on she stated that although she told me that I was getting off on the 20th my actual release date wasn't until the 26th.. So why would she tell me the 20th?! So I now have a violation hearing on April 21st and I don't really know what to do about this. When she asked me if I would drop clean I told her I wasn't sure. I thought I was free and in the clear. Is there some kind of law that makes it illegal for her to lie to me about my release date? I just need to find some answers, I just want my life and my freedom back!! Please help!!
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