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  1. Thank you for your reply, Fallen. Yes, I have dis-enrolled in the automatic payment option and deleted my bank accounts as well from their website. It was last month's enrollment and when I confronted them they said that the option doesn't work. I wasn't expecting anything to happen this month, but it did. So I dis-enrolled. It doesn't seem to be an issue with the apartment management as they say I am caught up. But now, I have overpaid by $927. I just don't want this imbalance to continue and to be forgotten later by them and have to start this all over again (upon checkout). I'll work it out with them to just pay the difference next month ($312) since they already have the $927. Might be easier than to request the $927 back. I figure as long as I am caught up with the rent payments, legally I've done everything right on my end.
  2. I rented an apartment in 11/14. When I initially moved in I needed a Money order to pay the prorated rent with. The max the MO went to was $1000 so I needed two of them to pay. One for $1000 and the other for $73. The following month I went to pay online at their website. It showed that I owe $927. It would not take any other amount. When inquiring with the Apartment management, they saw what looks like the $73 MO was recorded twice and not the $1000 MO. Showing I still owe $927. Copies of all the transactions show that I am correct and they agreed. It has now been six months and they still haven't corrected it. I have talked with them each month and they still can't get it right in their books. They are dealing with the bankers and the accounting firm, which they can't seem to figure this out I guess. Too make matters worse, I signed up for the automatic payment option which said it would take out the full amount of rent each month ($1239). It did not. The first month I signed up to it was this March. It took out the $927 only. I brought it up to management and paid the difference $312 by check to ensure I was caught up. I presented them with a file of all the copies and events that took place for them to look over once again. This month, the automatic payment it took out $2166, ($1239+$927) not the $1239 which I agreed to. Causing me to be overdrawn at my bank. Again, I discussed it with Apartment management. They are waiting reply with the accountants. I asked to talk with these people and the Manager said they wouldn't talk to me because I am not their client. I am frustrated with this and it has been six months. Now I am $927 in the hole, in which they owe me. How can I find out who is above this Apartment manager to get things straightened out? How can I force them to give my money back? Do I need an arbitrator or an attorney?
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