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  2. Wow- this sounds like my situation. I also live in FLorida. I obtained guardianship of my granddaughter after her school filed a complaint about the mother (who under court order is not supposed to be alone or have unsupervised visits with chld) showed up to the school on several occassions to pick up the child while she was under the influence. Since she had already been in the system before a case worker was sent immediately to the home, only to find her living there -in my son's apartment- upon inspection of the premisies they found her runaway son (whom she is not even allowed to see) hiding in the closet with a girl- mother came up postive for several drugs including cocaine on a drug screen- my son arrived from work and both parents were placed under arrest- interfereing with child custody- that started the long chain of events and my granddaughter who is now four has been with me for almost a year. We too have just had our first visit with our 5th CPI worker one week before our jr court date- this is supposed to be our final court appearnace. I have instead of permanent guardianship requested adoption and they are going to present this to the court- neither parent have done their case plan, and while the mother is completely out of the picture, my son continues to plead with me "I'm dying w/o her, she should be with me, I'm the one that is never supposed to fail her" yet has done nothing to complete his case plan. Has had only mayby five visits with her, does not support her in any way, it's too much trouble for him to make arrangements to see her through the CPI office ( I stopped doing supervised visits after being manipulated and put in situations (he tried to have the mother meet up with us in public places and on the one time our paths did cross she was so drunk there was no way I was going to let this drunk woman pick up and hug the child, she could have fallen over drunk and hurt the child or attempted to run off with her, plus she didn't need to be exposed to this- I had to literally pull away with the car door open because she would not get away from the car. Have you been apointed a guardian ad-litem? While I am very frustrated with the many changes in case workers- the last one was ready to leave after 15 seconds- she only wanted my signature on the paper to prove she had been there. I feel very fortunate to have the school, her psch counselor and the guardian ad-litems behind me. She came to me with a lot of behavioral issues and has really done a 180. Use your resources. You have the right to request adoption if you are not comfortable with the fact that they could come back in a year ot two or three once they have grown up and petition to take her out of the stable, loving enviroment she is in now. Most judges don't want to see these things drag out especially if the parents are not making an effort. Don't give up. It is frustrating. I have come to know a network of grandparents raising their grandchildren. I never thought I would be one of them as I had hopes and dreams that a child would change them and make them more responsible, but it hasn't. Remember the childs life does not stop because they can't get it together. She has the right to be happy, healthy, safe and secure. I know your doing the best you can for her. Don't give up. There is a light at the end of the tunnle.
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