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  1. Thank you for the useful information. I really don't wanna have to pursue any legal action. I just hope that considering our situation and unfortunate experience that they would just refund our money and re-sell the vehicle. As of today, they still have our car in the shop and it's been about five weeks now. Hopefully our attempt to ask for a refund this week will be in our favor. Thank you again!!
  2. My wife and I financed a car in feb 21st 2015. The following day, we noticed the engine light on and the car shifting hard/abnormal. We immediately took it in to a local jiffy lube and determined it was a transmission problem; code 90780 - shift malfunction. We called the dealer and told them what happened. They asked us to bring the car back. Their shop guy ran a diagnostic test and confirmed it was indeed a malfunction failure. He told us to wait a few mins. 5-10 min later, he said ok...everything should be fine. I asked what the problem was and he said it just needed a lil adjustment!! not really sure what that meant but he got the light to go off. Anyhow, we brought the van back home. the following morning 2/24/15 as we were headed to DEQ for an emissions test, we noticed that the engine light came back on. We decided we were going to take it anyways to run the test and get the report from DEQ so we can show it to the dealer when we took it back. So We did. Took the vehicle back to the dealer, told them we were still having problems with the transmission and showed them the emissions report from DEQ. After about a week later, the mechanic talked with us and came to a conclusion that the transmission was not worth fixing and that they would have to order a new one. now I assumed it would be a rebuilt since a brand new transmission would probably cost more than the car itself..which we were ok with. Anyhow, It has now been over a month. They had our car since 2/24/15. I called and spoke with the mechanic again and I told him how upset I was and that I find it very unfair that we now have to make a payment for a car that we never had a chance to drive...and somewhere during our conversation, he said that he has his guys working on it and that they are rebuilding it to make sure everything is working great. I said to him, I thought you told us instead of rebuilding the original, that you guys were putting in a new transmission. He immediately began stuttering and absolutely changed what he originally told us. He originally told us that they were going to take out the old transmission and put in a new one. So now he's lying to us. We have been going back and forth with the dealer now for a month. They never return our calls after leaving numerous messages. I know that this was an "As Is" deal, but after what we've been through, This has been the worst car purchasing experience ever and we just want our money back. probably won't happen but any advice will be appreciated!!
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