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  1. My husband was arrested a few months back on an assault case, the only thing is there where two other people involved, the other two where never arrested, even after going in and making their statements. My husband does not have a criminal record where one of the people involved in a multiple time felon and the other was the only real witness. The arresting officer was a State Trooper that informed my husband the main reason why he was arrested and the others weren't was because he heard from someone that my husband had called him a pig, which my husband had never said at all. The Felon had violated his parole many times, after this assault and his parole officer knew of this but did nothing such as getting into fights aside from this case and the witness at the first pretrial admitted to lying to the cops. The State Trooper only has these two witnesses other than the victim who has stated that the other guy, the felon, was also there and had been the one to actually hit him multiple times, not my husband, then has changed his story to say my husband was the only one there a few weeks later. I am wondering was there any right to solely arrest my husband when they knew two others where involved and had statements from the victim of the other presents at the crime scene, especially when one is a felon who violated parole? Also since this trooper admitted to my husband that he only arrested him due to the fact he heard from a different person that my husband had called him a pig, is this not prejudicial considering all three would have committed the crime and should have been arrested?
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