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  1. Gentleman, first let me express my true thanks for sharing some knowledge. Yes DBA is doing business as. California State has had a "contractor problem" meaning, after the financial crisis because a lot of people went 1099. they called it a 1099 economy. So, while they do not have the law on their side, I'm not sure how they convinced the payroll companies to make it difficult for DBA to work. For example I had to argue with 3 payroll companies that did not want to pay me as a DBA. Why? Because one said "we don't want to be responsible for your taxes if you don't pay" (which is stupid because I've had a DBA for 10 years now and I pay my taxes), another one said "We don't deal with DBA because you are not listed on the California Tax Board (another BS, because I showed them not only my paperwork with the state seal and the tax ID issued by the IRS, but I also showed them that they did it in the past, before 2008). In any case, they are making it difficult. Mind you it's not the employers its the payroll company. (who heard of that stupidity). Here in Los Angeles, specifically, a lot of people started to convert to S-Corps. So I needed read a bit on it but I had some question, hence why I posted on this forum. Now, pg1067, thank you. Tax Counsel, also I deeply thank you. I do hustle for new clients, every year. Knock on wood, for the past 10 years I've had luck and steady employment. So let's say for the argument I make 100,000. What you say is that the distributions that I receive from the corporation will be treated as salary until the "reasonable compensation" is met. That is what is confusing. I heard horror stories about people who paid themselves too much or too little and invite IRS audits. The reason I was confused about unemployment is this: if I pay myself a salary, say $30,000, then that will be taxable just like any employees. That would mean social security, medicare and unemployment. So then ME personally I would pay that, because my S-Corp would choose a payroll company to do that. So it begs the question... isn't that person that is paid a salary entitled for unemployment? Of course, I wold have to constantly be looking for work, not just for tax and legal purposes, but to survive. Hence that is why I wanted to find out what the are pros and cons of S-Corp. For your info, I am a freelance writer with a DBA. But my assignments can last up to six months and I had been forced by this payroll company arguments, to work as a staff member, but knowing that my end date was set. Some years I would take unemployment but many I did not. I'm trying to educate myself since I am also sick and tired of my accountant, who sort of ignores me for better fish and I am in limbo until I find another . many thanks to both of you. you are the best.
  2. Hi Guys! I must say I absolutely love love love this forums. I have a quick question: I have a DBA, but State of California is making it very hard for me to be employed in my business as a DBA. Basically I am "per project" employee...therefore a contractor. At the end of the job..well..I'm out of it and I have to go out looking for the next. Many many times, since the 2008 economic collapse, California has cracked down on DBA employment. Someone has suggested that I switch to an S-Corp. I looked into it and it sounds like a good idea. However, what happens if I don't get any business in any quarter? Since I have to pay myself a reasonable salary from the S-corporation and therefore pay unemployment taxes on my salary, am I not allowed to file for unemployment? I'm scratching my head. Also, I understand that if you take profits ONLY from the S-corp, then you are not allowed unemployment, because profits are not taxable. Any thoughts? Thank you Thank you Thank you in advance for any shared knowledge. My best to all of you Obeyor...on the conveyor.
  3. Thank you very much. Apparently, online I have the following options: 1) traffic school - pay the ticket, go to traffic school 2) full payment of the citation and closing it 3) Choosing court date for arraignment only [not a good choice, I presume] Thank you LegalWriterOne. I will try and call the cleck's office to see if I still qualify for trial by declaration. Hopefully I can get through the telephone system. :-) Many thanks for your wonderful help.
  4. hello wonderful people. Yes, I did get a letter. The "due date" was 4/30/2015. Before that date I went to the court's website, found my citation and postpone the appearance until End of June. To answer to LegalWriterOne , on the letter it says: "To contest this citation send mail with the amount and write Not Guilty, indicate your trial choice and mail the check to the address indicated" . So the question I have is...now that I postponed the date, does that mean I no longer have the choice of trial by declaration? Thank you all.
  5. Hello wonderful people. I have a quick question: I managed to delay the court appearance from the day written on the ticket to later in the year (by using California's court website). The question I have is: can I still do a trail by mail, even though the court date has been postponed? I got the ticket, found the citation number at the court's website and delayed it. Therefore I'm not sure if I still have the right of trial by mail (by declaration - I think it's called). Please let me know, if you happen to know the law better than a schmuck like me I appreciate it greatly.
  6. Hi guys... sorry one more question. I managed to delay the court appearance via court website (as Matrix 1970 and the moderators wonderfully recommended) But now, my question is, can I still have a trial by declaration? Or that is out of the question now? Many thanks. You guys are absolutely terrific!!!!
  7. Thank you guys! You are all just wonderful human beings. In general I am a good driver. But in L.A. I know cops have a quota for tickets just like parking maids have. (a co-worker has a cousin who is a cop and said that they do have a quota). I just want to fight it, not only not to get points but also out of principle. If politicians had the guts to want to pass tax increases, they would do it via ballot. But, they sneakily do it via rasing parking tickets and getting secret quotas of government employees to meet. Also, having been to traffic court once, I saw how judges not only side very easily with the cops, but treat citizen like revenue generating machines and dismiss them as they were 5 year old children. The cop in question could not possible have seen me, unless he had superman powers to see through a dump truck. Thank you again for all your advice! Cheers!
  8. Hello. I have a quick question. The cop stopped me because I did not stop at the stop sign...according to him. But I did stop. I'm not sure how to fight that, since I have seen judges always going WITH the cops and against any citizen, when it comes to traffic violations. Also, I know I an postpone the court appearance, but after the postponement, can I have a trial by declaration and then if I lose, a day in court (i think it's called trial di nuovo) any help will be heartily appreciated. All the best
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