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  1. Is there a way legally to get out of the contract ? or Is there nothing to do but wait to be put in collection and try to defend it?
  2. I called to put an ad on _.com for a start up business. I spoke to there sales agent . He told me all these things he could provide for a 252 per month charge . It sounded good so I did an over the phone contract , most of my answers to the questions asked were yes . This is to be charged to my card every month. In about 5 days after I realized I was not getting what I was offered by the agent. I called there public relations office and was told that I could not get what was offered to me because it could not be provided , they told me to get out of the deal and sent me to claims dept. This dept. said they would not end the contract and I must pay even thou they knew I was not receiving what was offered to me . I asked; So your agent can lie to me and I still have to pay ? They said yes or they would send me to collections and hurt my credit. The first draw against my card is in a couple of days can I just block it ? or Can they really but me in collections?
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